Our Favorite Makeovers From Queer Eye

Oh, the emotional rollercoaster that is Queer Eye. We laugh, we cry, we are obsessed. Have you seen it yet? If not, queue up that DVR! Every one of the new Fab 5 is fantastic, but Bobby Berk inspires us every season with his time crunch home makeovers. With limited aesthetic direction and only one week to deliver a completed design project, Berk continuously executes jaw-dropping renovations. Here are some of our favorites!

Image via  House Beautiful .

Image via House Beautiful.

Down on the Farm

In season 4 Berk was introduced to a recent divorcé who was very set in his ways. Never left his property, neglected to care for himself or his home. A casual farmer, he worshiped his plaid patterns. So, Berk transformed his living room into a cozy, rustic-chic space where he can sit down, relax, and entertain. We love the use of textures and the woodgrain wallpaper to give the room an enhanced farmhouse feel.

Image via  Bobby Berk .

Image via Bobby Berk.

When Robert Met Jamie

In season 3, Robert's soon-to-be wife, Jamie, wanted their wedding week to be all about him. That's where Berk came in. Guided by its original brass detailed fireplace, Berk modernized their space by incorporating a chevron-style wood accent wall around the mantel. Doing so not only brought a lot of warmth and texture to the room, but the split-tone wall created the illusion of higher ceilings. We'll have what she's having!

Image via  Dwell .

Image via Dwell.

Elrod and Sons

The Fab 5 came together for one of the most impactful makeovers in Queer Eye history. Heartbroken by the loss of their mother and needing a fresh start, Berk set to work to lift the family's spirits. He transformed their Scandinavian inspired space by adding some elements of glam and industrial throughout. How amazing are those blue-painted mouldings?

Functionality at its Best

Another season 4 epic episode revolved around Wesley who in 2012 was paralyzed from the waist down. Incapable of completing ordinary tasks without the help of his mother since. Berk created a space where Wesley can live an independent life, making Wesley's new bachelor pad wheelchair accessible. We love how Berk used dark wood tones and modern textural elements to give the space a masculine, timeless design.

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Paint Finish 101: What To Choose Depends On Your Room

Image via  The Oppatt Group .

Image via The Oppatt Group.

You've finally picked the perfect paint color for your room and are ecstatic about making a decision. Before you grab your gallon and go, you'll also need to decide what the appropriate finish is for each of your rooms. Paint finish influences your overall interior space of course, but did you know it also impacts the longevity of the paint appearance and freshness? Here, we take the guesswork out of what finish to choose for which room.


Be Flat

Flat finish paint has a beautiful texture and is perfect for low-traffic areas such as bedrooms or living rooms. It has the lowest sheen of any of the finishes making it the least reflective. The pros: it hides imperfections and provides for easy touch-ups; the cons: it's the most difficult finish to maintain because it marks up easily.



Eggshell paint finish has a smooth, elegant patina that works well in moderate traffic areas such as a study or living room. It doesn't do well in high humidity situations, so don't choose it for your kitchen or bathroom.


Satiny Goodness

Satin does it all. It works in low-moisture areas, is easy to clean and maintain, and holds up in high-traffic spots like the family room or playroom.


Nothing Halfway About Semi Gloss

Want a radiant sheen that is durable, easy to clean, and works well in high-moisture areas? Look no further than semi-gloss. Your bathroom and kitchen will thank you.

Image via  House Beautiful .

Image via House Beautiful.

Go Glossy

Gloss can work for any room in your house, even the ceiling. It's super reflective and gives your room pizzazz. Want to be a trendsetter? Pop some gloss!

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On Display: Unique Conversation Pieces for your Coffee Table

It's always fun to add some unique elements to your interior decor. What's a perfect and affordable way to do this? Your coffee table, of course! Instead of the same old, same old why not shake it up a little? Here are a few ideas to get you started thinking outside the box:

Image via  Amazon .

Image via Amazon.

Go Ahead, Ask Us Anything!

Both educational and fun, trivia is a great family-friendly game for adults and kids alike. Here’s one we love from Amazon that will look great on any table. Put your guests to the test!

Image via  Shutterfly .

Image via Shutterfly.

Make it Personal

Show off your family adventures by displaying them in a photo book on your coffee table. You can easily create your personalized book online, or head to your craft store for a DIY project. What a fun, budget-conscious, and meaningful way to promote conversation, have some laughs and reminisce.

Image via  MoMA .

Image via MoMA.

On the Board

Give your guests or family members a challenge! Whether it be chess, backgammon, or tic tac toe, you're sure to find some that are fun and match your decor. We love this colorful set from the MoMA store!

4 polaroid camera.png

This Polaroid camera is so cute we couldn't resist. Wouldn't it look great in your home? If this style isn't your cup of tea, you can find a variety of others from vintage to modern. Say cheese!

Image via  Target .

Image via Target.

Guest Book It

Feature a guest book on your coffee table. We love this one from Target with its built-in pockets! Perfect for guests to leave you their sentiments. Pair it with the polaroid camera above and your guests can leave a photo alongside their note!

What’s your most unique decor item? Share it with us here or on our Facebook page


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Create Your Perfect Calming Space

Everybody needs a little zen in their lives, don't you think? It can be a jungle out there. You can make your home a peaceful place without breaking the bank. It's simple, just add a few key pieces here and there. Pretty soon all you'll be saying when you walk through your door is "Ahhhhh." Follow us, we'll show you the way!

Bliss out with Candles

Refresh your space with mood-boosting aromatic candles. Not only does the scent of the candle trigger calming endorphins, but they act as a great decorative object for your table, too. From bathrooms and kitchens to coffee and bedside tables, you're sure to be burning to find new places to put candles.

2 ambient lighting.png

Light the Way

Lighting plays a big role in decompressing. Set the mood and relax by integrating soft light into your room. Go for a Twinkle chandelier, lamps with 3-way switches, or even a simple dimmer for overhead lighting. Soft light, so right.

Wood You?

Bring tranquility into your home by incorporating natural wood. You'll boost relaxation as well as add some texture and color to your decor. There are so many woodsy pieces to choose from and you can go big or small, from furniture to wall art. Whatever items you choose, this is a great way to create coziness in your space.

4 go green.png

Plant Life

Adding lively plants is a great way to bring color into your home decorating scheme. But what's even better is that indoor plants purify the air, boost mood, reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats, and colds. Go green by adding a few succulents to your bookshelf or fill a corner of your room with a Fiddle Leaf Fig!

5 clean surfaces.png

Keep it Clean

Visually, clutter-free spaces promote a sense of tranquility. We love to use decorative boxes to hide the mess (no one has to know!) or trays to organize and contain it. By clearing away the chaos, your home will instantly feel like the calming space you'll want to come back to at the end of the day.

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Look Large: Tips for Maximizing Your Small Space

If you've been reading this blog lately you know we’ve been delving deep into the topics of decluttering and organization. Now that we've helped you purge and rearrange, we're going to tackle small spaces. Here are our most-used tools to help you create the illusion of a larger room!

Image via  The Every Girl .

Image via The Every Girl.

Anchor Away

Area rugs are so important when designing a room. We like to use them to anchor the furniture in a given zone, and doing so makes the room appear larger. It's a fun way to play with patterns too! 

Image via  Freshome .

Image via Freshome.

Bring In The Light

We aren’t just talking about using several lamps in the room to distribute the light in all corners; you’ll also want to keep the walls a light paint color so that they'll reflect light rather than absorb it. This will give your room more depth.

Image via  Apartment Therapy .

Go Big Or Go Home

You don't have to stick with small art when you're space-challenged. A large piece of art will draw the eyes up making your walls seem bigger and your ceilings seem higher than they are. So yes, go large and in charge.

Image via  Home Idea .

Image via Home Idea.

Drape It

Floor to ceiling drapery will always make a room appear bigger than it is. Especially when you have lower ceilings. Similar to having a large piece of art, drapery will draw the eyes up and make the room seem taller. Our major tip: be sure to mount the drapes to ceiling height.

Image via  Ooba .

Image via Ooba.

Make A Statement

A small room doesn't need exclusively tiny furniture. Invest in a large (ish!) scale statement item and your room will look more spacious. Just don't go overboard, one piece should do the trick.

Image via  Sonoma Mag .

Image via Sonoma Mag.

Smoke and…

Sure mirrors a great way to fill up dead space on the wall but did you know they add extreme depth to a room? Set a mirror on a wall across from the window and it will reflect the natural light right back into your space, creating a more airy and open feel!

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Creative (and affordable!) ways to show off your books

We say you should judge a book by its cover! Books not only say a lot about who you are but also they're great conversation starters. What's more, they add a wonderful design element to your rooms. Why not show off your intellectual side and display some of your favorites? We’ve come up with some affordable ideas to get you booking it, and you won’t even need to buy a bookshelf!

Fill The Basket

Stack your books in a cute basket. Choose solid wood, wicker, or even dainty metal. Perfect for that country chic home with a rustic flair!

Image via  Essential Home .

Image via Essential Home.

Dress The View

One thing we all have are window sills! Take advantage of this precious area and decorate it with your books. You might even add some plants. This strategy will maximize design without sacrificing space.

Image via  Homedit .

Image via Homedit.

Spark Interest At The Door

We love how this entryway combines the books with candles, plants, and baskets! It doesn’t get more inviting than this!

Image via  Capital FM .

Image via Capital FM.

Show Them Off

A gorgeous coffee table is always a wonderful centerpiece for books! They might even spark a conversation or two with guests. Need more in-depth ideas on displaying yours? Check out our blog post on Styling Your Coffee Table!

Image via  Book Riot .

Image via Book Riot.

Keep Them Afloat 

Create a library on your wall! Floating shelves are a great solution when you lack space for a bookshelf or want a minimal design. Choose anything from invisible shelves to rustic wood; there are so many on the market that will fit the design style you're going for!

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Our Designers Tell Us Their Top Trends

With so many fun interior design trends floating around, it’s easy to find a few that don’t require a big investment to incorporate into your home. Applying a simple small change can create a new fresh start to your space. 

We polled our designers to find out their current go-to trends, so you can see which of them you want to try!


Pop of Yellow. Paulina

Nothing says summer quite like a burst of yellow. It's the perfect trending color that will brighten up your space! You can pop the yellow with pillows, flowers, furniture, or even paint.

2 angela.png

Dark Details. Angela

Don’t be afraid to use black, it’s an easy way to create gorgeous contrast in your space. Try strategically using black accents in specific areas of your home and see what an impact it makes. From side tables and lighting, to floors and trims, you won’t regret the richness black adds to your rooms.

3 ashley.png

Seasonal Transitions. Ashley

Transitioning your home for the warmer weather can be as simple as swapping out your pillows for airier colors. Your home will feel so much lighter! So easy, and affordable too!

4 allison.png

Focal Florals. Allison

When done right, florals can bring a sweet yet dramatic element to a room. And what better time to mix it up with flower-based motifs than when spring is in the air? You can go big on the wall or just a taste through pillows and linens.

5 bita.png

Modern Bohemian. Bita

Bohemian design is not just about all the crazy colors. Make it more sophisticated by bringing in rich tones and cool forms! Get curvy with it!

6 jeanie.png

Washable Rugs. Jeanie

Jeanie’s down with the latest from Ruggable - rugs that are machine washable. Perfect for families, but honestly, who wouldn’t want a rug that can be thrown into the laundry? There are so many available styles you’re sure to find one, or two, or three that you love!

Natural Elements. Stephanie

Materials such as wood soften up your room. Natural oak is a great tone for keeping things feeling light and airy! Perfect for the country chic or Scandinavian style home!

What is your favorite trend at the moment? Share it with us here or on our Facebook page

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Outdoor Patio on a Budget: Accent Tables

You’re lounging on your patio and need a place to set your drink or snack. Good thing you have the ever-handy accent table! These multi-tasking pieces can house anything from trays to towels. We’ve found some fantastic options to make your outdoor space functional and beautiful.

Image via  World Market .

Image via World Market.

A Perfect Square

This wood top contemporary table from World Market for $179.99, would be perfect for a transitional or modern space. It’s a great canvas for personalizing your space (we love candles, foliage, and a few stylish accessories) while also being functional. Can’t you just see your family and friends gathered around it?

Image via  Urban Outfitters .

Image via Urban Outfitters.

So Right, So Round

Place this little beauty next to your lounge chair or outdoor sofa, and you’ve found the perfect resting spot for your book, phone, drink, whatever! It’s super light and can be easily stored or moved. Plus, it’s only $39 and comes in pink, too. Want it? Head to at Urban Outfitters!

Image via  Target .

Image via Target.

Wicker Wonder

For an eclectic look, we love this wicker style coffee table from Target for $150. The side detailing makes for an open, light appearance. Pair it with some green plants and a colorful rug and your space will instantly feel inviting.

Image via  Wayfair .

Image via Wayfair.

Bright Beauty

You know we’re all about that pop of color! This garden stool not only acts as a side table, you can use it as extra seating for guests. Does this gorgeous hue speak to you? Us too! Get it at Wayfair for $43.55!

Image via  World Market .

Image via World Market.

A…B…C Table!

The most functional side table there is - the C-Table! It’s ideal for tucking under the base of a large sofa, and it can be easily moved around to wherever you need it. You might love it so much you’ll grab another for indoors. Get it from World Market at the affordable price of $75!

Where do you like shopping for affordable outdoor furniture? Share it with us here or on our Facebook page


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Outdoor Patio on a Budget: Dining

Last week we explored affordable outdoor lounge furniture, but you know us, we couldn’t stop there. We found some amazing options for outdoor dining, too. Have a conversation, play a game, host a summer barbecue, whatever you decide to do your outdoor space will be the go-to place for all your family and friends to gather! 

Image via  World Market .

Image via World Market.

Simply Teak

This amazingly versatile teak table is perfect to lighten up your outdoor space! You’ll find it at World Market for only $399.99. We love that you can create any style you want, from traditional by pairing it with matching chairs as shown, to boho by mixing it up and switching them out. Go ahead - you do you.

Image via  Overstock .

Image via Overstock.

Life of the Party

Fun? Check! Pop of color? Check! Easy to maintain? Check! Available in an array of gorgeous colors? Check! Add some pizazz to your outdoor abode with this chair from Overstock. At $40.49 per chair you can stock up; and they’d look pretty awesome with the table above.

Image via  Hayneedle .

Image via Hayneedle.

Star Power

Want to bring the laid-back glamour of California to your space? This X-base dining table set is exactly up your alley! Dine under the stars perched in your director’s chair (which comes in your choice of Natural or Black, by the way) and you’ll know what it feels like to be a star. The unique shade of teak wood also adds a great contrast to outdoor greenery. You can find this 7-piece set at Hayneedle for $729.45.

Image via  Birch Lane

Image via Birch Lane

Easy, Breezy Wicker

You know what’s great about wicker? Well, a lot of things but one of the best is that it’s easy to clean. Oh, and also it’s gorgeous. We’d even go so far as to call it elegant. Pick up this brown beauty with glass table top from Birch Lane for a reasonable $563.99.

Image via  Hayneedle

Image via Hayneedle

Swing Switch

Swings aren’t just for kids. Make your outdoor dining area cozy and playful by replacing one side of your table seating with a swing! All you have to do is extend the chain down to the standard 18” dining chair seat height, and voila! We love this option from Hayneedle for $344.99.

Have you come across any affordable outdoor dining furniture this season? Share it with us here or on our Facebook page

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Outdoor Patio on a Budget: Lounge

Summer weather is quickly approaching, and if you want to take full advantage of your outdoor space by creating the perfect place for friends and family to gather, now is the time! But finding affordable lounge furniture can get pricey, so we’ve gathered a few of our favorite budget-friendly pieces to show you don’t have to be a Rockefeller to furnish an inviting space al fresco. And stay tuned, we’ll be talking about outdoor furniture again in the upcoming weeks!

Image via  Wayfair .

Image via Wayfair.

The Transitional Sectional

Is your patio or outdoor space large enough to accommodate a sectional? Then we say, “Go for it!” Trust us. Really. Bring your living room outside with this versatile piece from Wayfair for only $613.99. It’s the perfect place to unwind with family and friends.

Image via  Target .

Image via Target.

The Boho Wicker Lounge

If you’re aiming to create an eclectic outdoor vibe this wicker chaise sectional from Target is the perfect solution. And at $549.99 it won’t break your bank. Grab your beach towel and enjoy some time in the sunshine.

Image via  Target .

Image via Target.

The Sophisticated Chair Pair

Going for a more contemporary style? Kick back on these beautiful, clean steel frame chairs. Perfect alone, or pair them with a sofa for a living room setting. They’re another great find from Target for just $251.99 for a set of 2. So elegant, so affordable, you can’t go wrong!

Image via  Grandin Road .

Image via Grandin Road.

The Casual Chic Loveseat

Are you sitting down? Go ahead, because this super affordable Grandin Road loveseat can be yours for only $129. Uh huh, we are serious. It’s budget-friendly, space-saving, and adorable! Pair it with a chair and a couple of statement throw pillows, and you’ll have an inviting space to hang out all summer long.

Image via  Walmart .

Image via Walmart.

The Earthy Cabana

Who doesn’t want a cabana-like setting in their backyard? Well, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get one! We found this daybed and ottoman at Walmart for $805.99. With the removable top, you can enjoy a day in the sun or the shade. Don’t forget the rosé!

Have you come across any affordable outdoor lounge furniture this season? Share it with us here or on our Facebook page


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5 Plants Perfect for Indoors

Are you a plant lover but your thumb is less than green? Don’t despair. We did some research and came up with a list of 5 plants that require minimal light and maintenance. Get ready to turn your space into a veritable jungle!

Image via  Home Depot .

Image via Home Depot.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

If you’re working with limited space but your ceilings are high, the fiddle leaf fig is right for you! It’s tall, it’s thin, and it only requires medium light. Plus, it’s perfect for any home. From boho chic to eclectic, contemporary, or transitional, it’ll add warmth and the perfect touch of nature to your surroundings.

2 Cactus.png


Pint-sized succulents add a pop of green to your room and work great when placed on smaller surfaces. Try displaying a couple on your bookshelf or side table. The best part is they don’t need direct sunlight and you only need to water them once a week.

Image via  The Tree Center .

Image via The Tree Center.

Weeping Fig

A perfect little tree for your space, the weeping fig likes to hang out by a window with indirect sunlight. It’ll do best in a north-facing room where it can live its best life! Not home all the time to tend to it? Luckily, it only has to be watered every 4-7 days.

image via  Home Depot .

image via Home Depot.

Snake Plant

The toughest of the greenery on our list is the snake plant, which can survive in low light and only needs to be watered occasionally when the soil is dry. So yes, basically it can be neglected for weeks at a time! This hearty little beauty also has properties which help keep your home clean. What’s not to love?

Image via  Bloomscape .

Image via Bloomscape.


The philodendron is a lush, tropical plant meant to be placed in a bright area with indirect sunlight. It’s rich color provides a gorgeous pop of green to any space. And you know what? It’s a great communicator! It’ll tell you it’s getting too much sunlight if the leaves turn yellow. Now that’s what we call helpful!

Do you have a favorite indoor plant? Share it with us here or on our Facebook page

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Designer Tips of the Month

Warmer weather is on the horizon. It’s time to pack away the sweaters and get ready for flip flops. Does your space need a bit of freshening up as well? Our designers have some tips for you. Read on!


“Resist the urge to fill up every spot on the walls. Leave some negative space for the eye to rest.” Angela

Less can definitely be more! A blank wall brings focus to a piece of statement art, and helps to enhance the calm energy in your room.


“Pick an inspiration piece to determine your color palette. A rug, artwork, or even bedding can be used as a jumping off point.” Allison

We all need to start somewhere! Select an existing item you love and let it guide you. Use the color scheme and style of your favorite things to carry throughout the room.


“Updating your throw pillows to lighter colors will bring new life into your home for the spring/summer.” Ashley

Pillows are an affordable way to transform your room instantly without breaking the bank. No matter the season, you can swap out your pillows for a fresh, new look.


“Be bold and vivid. Use different textures and materials in juxtaposition, which will bring more of a dramatic feel to your space.” Bita

How do you bring a designer look to your space? Easy! Incorporating a variety of textures and materials will give your room a rich, curated feel.


“As an interior designer, I can help you pick your exterior paint colors too! Painting your house is an expensive undertaking; it's helpful to narrow down your choices by painting small color swatches on the house in a well-lit area so you can see which you like best.” Jeanie

Is the overwhelming number of paint options keeping you up at night? Check out our blog post on how to select the right paint colors for your interior and exterior paint projects. Now, get some rest!


“Use a felt rug pad to protect your floor and keep the rug in place. Most people don’t realize that rubber rug pads can damage wood flooring.” Paulina

To rug pad or not to rug pad? The answer - rug pad! They not only keep your rugs in place, they protect your floor and prolong the life of your rugs.


“In smaller rooms, resist using a dark paint color. Keep the walls light to make the room feel larger.” Stephanie

When was the last time you heard, “Gee, I wish my room looked smaller?” Never! Pick a light paint color and your small space will appear airy, bright, and yes, larger.

We want to hear from you! Share your design tips with the AID team here or on our Facebook page!

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Small Space Storage Solutions: Bathroom

A couple of weeks ago, we explored how to best utilize your kitchen storage. We heard from you that it was so useful — especially for those living in the NYC area — we decided to extend the organization to the next most chaotic room: the bathroom!

Let’s walk through all the main areas where clutter accumulates and how to fix it ASAP.  

Cabinets under the sink

Such a wide variety of things get stored in the bathroom (cleaning products, shower supplies, makeup . . . ) it can pile up fast, and the last thing your morning scramble needs is more chaos.  Try an expandable shelf to keep these items organized and separated for easy access.

Image via  Bed Bath & Beyond .

Medicine cabinet

Whether you’re sharing the bathroom with a roommate or significant other or even if you’re not, it’s nice to keep your products separated and categorized. From medicine bottles and oral hygiene products to makeup and nail polishes, these acrylic organizers with keep everything anchored in its place!


Some bathrooms seemingly lack appropriate space for towel racks, causing you to use up valuable under-sink storage. There’s another way! Try a wall-mounted rack for inside the shower. The best part is that your towel will be easily accessible before stepping out.

Image via  Wayfair .

Image via Wayfair.

Additional storage

When under the sink is already overflowing, you need reinforcements. Take advantage of oft-neglected height and try an over-the-toilet storage system. It’s perfect for storing extra toilet paper or towels.


Are there any bathroom storage solutions you love? Share it with us here or on our Facebook page!


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Q&A with AID owner, Betsy Helmuth!

Every now and again, we like to check in with our team members and take a deeper dive into their passion, process, and direction. This week we caught up with AID owner, and our favorite source of inspiration, Betsy Helmuth.

B 1.png

You care a lot about making exceptional home design accessible to all. Why is this so important to you?

It's really important to me to share my tips and make the world of interior design completely transparent, because I feel for too long the field has been somewhat elitist. It has been something that is only accessible for people who are wealthy — people who can afford to hire an interior designer — and yet everyone should live in a home that they're proud of.

Now, more than ever, there are beautiful items on the retail market. You can buy furniture and accessories that look just as good as what you would find in high-end boutiques. That was not the case 20 years ago. The landscape has totally changed.

Interior design can be accessible. People are very interested, but so many of them just don't know the rules. I personally do not feel you need a designer. Anyone who knows a few simple rules can have a well-appointed home.


I look to my clients. I have them fill out a questionnaire ahead of time so that I can clearly understand their style preferences but also understand the challenges that they're facing. Then I ask them questions about the answers that they've given. I want to know what the problems are and what they like.

I’ve used the metaphor of a painter who is painting a still life. When you're painting a vase of flowers and you're feeling uninspired, all you need to do is look back at that vase of flowers — look more deeply at the rose petals. Look for that shine on that side of the vase. The inspiration is there!  Just look more closely.

That's exactly what I do with my clients when I'm feeling uninspired or when I don't know what to choose. I just go more deeply into their questionnaire, looking at their answers, understanding what they've told me and who they are.


What do you do when you are faced with an empty room?

I always begin with one question: What do you want to do in this room? What are the functions that this room needs to perform? Form should always follow function.


Is there a design rule that you always follow?

The design rule I always follow is that I do not mix warm and cool metals.  Cool metals are nickels, silvers, pewters, chromes. Warm metals are coppers, golds, brasses. I don’t use them both in one room. I stick to only cool or only warm.  

The only other metals that I will mix with them are black metals or wrought irons. I happily mix black or wrought iron metals with both cool metals and warm metals.


What is your favorite room to design?

In the city, my favorite room to design is a studio apartment. I love designing studio apartments because they have so many functions to perform. You have to be strategic. You have to think more critically. You can't just have pretty things for the sake of having things. And I really love the challenge in that. Not to mention the fact that I lived in seven studio apartments over the course of my life, ranging from 150 square feet all the way to 500 square feet. And each one had its challenges and opportunities.

In the suburbs, I love to design living rooms because they can really be impressive showpieces that reflect a client’s personality.


Have more questions for Betsy? Share it with us here or on our Facebook page!

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Small Space Storage Solutions: Kitchen

Whether you’ve already built your dream kitchen or are just trying to make the best of what you have, it’s rare to have enough storage space. Clever and efficient storage solutions are key! Having a designated home for every kitchen appliance and grouping like food items together will not only save you a lot of time, it will make using your kitchen so much more pleasant. And we have a few tools to help you do just that.

Photo via  Imagine it Done .

Photo via Imagine it Done.


The pantry is where you store lots of small items — spices, oats, cereal, canned food, pastas —  you name it! If not properly organized, it’s easy for them to become a cluttered mess. You end constantly buying items again while the ones you originally purchased lay on the bottom of a pile, inching towards their expiration dates! But if you compartmentalize each food group into bins or racks, you’ll have easy access to whatever you need.

Image via  Home Depot .

Image via Home Depot.

Lower Cabinet

There are many ways to go about creating a system for your lower cabinets; depending on what you need the space for. You can install pull-out drawers, attach small racks on the inner door, or you can add shelves (which will talk about in the next point) for organized division. Pick the tool to make the space work for you.

Image via  Bed Bath & Beyond .

Upper Cabinet

Most kitchen cabinets have very high shelves, and people ending up stacking different types of items to make the most of the space. But it’s super annoying to have to lift up a whole stack of small plates just to reach one large one. A shelf system can help you keep different items separate, so you can just reach for what you need. Plus, they can be super affordable!

Image via  Bed Bath & Beyond .


We’ve all been there — you spend forever rummaging through the drawer in search of a specific tool and your reward for finding it is not being able to open the drawer again because the reshuffled contents made the drawer stick. There’s a better way! A drawer separator can contain some of the chaos by grouping like utensils together.


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Iconic Designs for So Much Less

Are you a sucker for great design? Dreaming of one day buying yourself a classic Eames chair or Roll & Hill light fixture? Well you definitely don’t have to dip into your savings or wait a decade to get the look! We’ve collected a few iconic designs for you at much more modest price points.

When you see the replicas alongside the original designer’s work, you’ll be amazed at how similar they look!  

Shell  Chair

Known as “the smiling chair”, this masterpiece was designed by Hans J. Wegner to be attractive from all angles. But it doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. If you are crushing on this joyous chair, you can find it on Houzz for only $232.99!

Grasshopper Floor Lamp

Doesn’t this lamp remind you of a modern day Pixar light? It’s perfect to set behind an armchair as a reading light. Designed by Greta Grossman, this slim and angular floor lamp retails for just above $1,000.00. But the Article option will equally elevate your space for just $149.00!     

Saarinen Round Dining Table

You’ve seen variations of this classic modern table at most retail and online furniture stores, and there’s a good reason. It’s beloved for the simplicity and function of its design. The original piece from Knoll ranges in price from $3,000.00 to $9,000.00. Good thing Target has one just like it for $379.99!

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

The famous Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman dates back to the 1950’s and still remains one of the most popular design pieces ever. Offering the best in comfort and functionality, you may have a hard time getting out of this chair but not finding copycat versions. Check out the replicas on Houzz for just $799. That’s a major savings compared to the original, priced at $6,000.00!  

Modo Chandelier

When a newer high-end lighting company, Roll & Hill, came out with with this globe chandelier, its popularity skyrocketed. Unfortunately the price was also through the roof; this 10-globe version will set you back $4,100.00! If that’s beyond your budget, hop onto Overstock and you’ll find a comparable option at $182.99 that looks so good, it’ll leave your guests guessing.   

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Chic Accent Chairs Under $200

You’ve just splurged on the perfect sofa and couldn’t be happier about how it looks. But it also ate up most of your budget. Now you’re scratching your head, wondering if you can find an affordable accent chair without jeopardizing the style of your interior design. Don’t panic -- we’ve collected a few accent chairs that are both chic and affordable!

Image via  Target .

Image via Target.

Making us Blush

This armchair from Target has us swooning. The soft color and curved arm detailing add a feminine touch to a mid-century or transitional look. And at just $144.99, it’s enough to make you blush (and rush to order it before it sells out).  

Image via  Hayneedle .

Image via Hayneedle.

Fortune Favors the Bold

Need a pop of color in an otherwise neutral room? An armchair is a low-risk way to get it, and this Hayneedle one fits the bill. It’s sleek, bold, and affordable at $140.98. It would even make for a super cool dining chair option! 

Image via  Wayfair .

Image via Wayfair.

Winged Out

This chair from Wayfair is the epitome of cozy class for the affordable price of $184.99. Perfect for the corner of a bedroom, living or family room, it has us dreaming of curling up and reading a book while enveloped in its wings.

Image via  Anthropologie .

Image via Anthropologie.

Wood-a Deal!

Love mixing and matching textures? Looking for a space-conscious chair that is also attractive? This wooden one from Anthropologie would be a great addition to an eclectic home at just $98. You can even carry it over to the the dining table to add an extra seat!   

Image via  Walmart .

Image via Walmart.

Extra Padding

Sometimes when you curl up to watch a movie or read a book,  you just want a little extra padding. This chair from Walmart sure doesn’t lack it, and at $189.99, your wallet won’t either. The light tones of both the fabric and the wood would blend really nicely in a Scandinavian style home.

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Stylish Sconces Under $100

You saved the splurges for some of the big furniture pieces in your home, but you know the devil of design is in the details. The pendant lighting that’s so on trend, that gold-rimmed mirror that adds the perfect amount of glam, the hard-lined chrome side table that brings a totally modern vibe. It’s just these details that create a room’s aesthetic. But where to begin?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be focusing on affordable finishing touches that elevate your space’s style.

We’re kicking things off this week with wall sconces! Wall sconces are a great way to add additional accent, direction, or task lighting to a room. Here are a few that we love at a completely attainable price!

Image via  CB2

Image via CB2

Go Minimal

If you’re a sucker for interior spaces with black details, CB2 has a sconce that is just right for you! This little ball of light has a sleek, minimal design that would look just as a great on a painted wall as it would on exposed brick. At just $59 per sconce, what’s not to like?

Image via  Wayfair .

Image via Wayfair.

Country Chic

These simple, metal wall sconces are so versatile, they’d work almost anywhere, from bedside lighting to an entryway accent. They’re just the right style for an industrial look or a country home. Love those rustic vibes!  

Image via  West Elm .

Image via West Elm.

Stay Transitional

West Elm has a beautiful shaded sconce for only $79 that will capture the hearts of both transitional and mid-century modern enthusiasts. With black and bronze detailing and a large round canopy, it’s perfect for bedside lighting or alongside a piece of art.

Image via  High Fashion Home .

Go Glam

Love feminine touches? This trendy, blush wall sconce is a great way to add some color and a whole lot of style! At just $78, it’s modern appeal matches the allure of its affordability. The best part? All you have to do is plug it in!  

Image via  Target .

Image via Target.

Glass Globe

We’ve been big fans of Target’s home accents for a few years now, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be disappointed anytime soon. With a little brass and a clear glass globe, you’ve got modern charm for just $61.99.

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Our Favorite Of-The-Moment Paint Colors

Paint is such a foundational element in any room -- it’s the backdrop for all of your interior decor! It’s amazing how a small difference in shade can make a big difference in the style and feel of your space. The good news is, with new colors coming out every season, there’s always something new to try. But we also know that can be overwhelming. So we thought we’d give you some inspiration to start.

We polled our designers to find out their current go-to hues. As we’ve mentioned, we only use Benjamin Moore paint, so all the colors and photos here are via Benjamin Moore.


Designer Allison’s go-to paint color is Witching Hour 2120-30. She especially loves to use it for window trims to create a nice contrast in the room and make everything else stand out.


Angela admires Admiral Blue 2065-10. It’s a strong color but still firmly planted in the realm of traditional or transitional styles. Angela puts it to use in both interiors and exteriors.  “For exteriors, I would use it on the front door, and on the walls for an interior space, preferably the living room/family room,” she says.


New York-based designer Ashley is on trend! Her pick is also Benjamin Moore’s color of the month, Metropolitan AF-690. Her favorite place for this fun shade of grey? The bathroom!

Blue Fescue Q6 is DC-designer Bita’s pick. “This color can be used as an accent in the bedroom or living room, giving more dimension and depth,” she tells us.


Jeanie is “Head Over Heels” for Benjamin Moore AF-250.  She suggests using the paint color for a sophisticated living room. She especially loves the contrast when it’s accented by black wood furniture. So chic!


New Yorker Paulina is totally crushing on Pale Oak OC-20 right now. This light taupe lets you enjoy the airiness of a lighter color, but with an added subtle warmth. It’s just the right amount of livable elegance.  

Stephanie’s a big fan of Hale Navy HC-154. From exterior doors and shutters to interior walls and built-ins, this shade adds excitement to a room while still acting as a neutral.


Do you have a favorite Benjamin Moore color at the moment? Share it with us here or on our our Facebook page!

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Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

If you’re a feng shui fan like us, you might already know that gallery walls are thought to have beneficial properties. They soften up a space and promote positive energy — who doesn’t want that? Or maybe you just like the way they look. But it’s also very common for even talented interior designers to feel intimidated by the process of putting together that perfect collage. From curating a varied, yet cohesive, set of pieces to selecting the right frames and deciding on the ultimate placement, it takes a lot to get it right. But with our tips and tricks, this can be fun DIY.


The art of selecting art.

The foundation of the gallery wall, the artwork is the most important step. If you’re going for an organic look, try mixing a combination of new pieces and vintage finds. Flea markets are one of our favorite sources for affordable treasures. Pick a uniform colorway or tone to maintain a sense of cohesion on the wall. If you’re going for a more modern look, it’s best to choose prints from the same collection.

Image via  All Home Decor

Image via All Home Decor

Anchor your frames.

For vintage pieces or an eclectic look, try mixing and matching your frames. Traditional metal, modern wood, or a color frame that matches a primary print color — anything goes. Going for a modern aesthetic? Stick with one uniform choice throughout, such as a thin black frame.

Make a game plan.

Your art is all framed and ready to go. Now it’s time to arrange your perfect collection! The most efficient way to do this is to measure out the hanging space on the floor and test out your pieces in different configurations. Once you have settled on the perfect spacing and placement, you’re ready to bring your masterpiece to the wall.

Keep the spacing uniform.

Here’s a little trick from the books: blue painter’s tape is your best friend. Use it to space out your frames evenly and mark where to place the nails. It’s sticky guidance that won’t leave you (or your wall) feeling blue.

Start from the bottom.

You want the center of the gallery to be at eye level or about 5’7”. If the whole picture is too high, everyone will have to crane their necks to see it. Too low, and you have the reverse problem. The trick to getting it just right is to start by hanging the print at the very bottom and building up and around from there. This will also allow you to accurately space out the distance between the gallery and the closest piece of furniture, which should be between 8”-12”.  


Now you’re ready to get your hang on! Do you have a gallery wall you are proud of? Share it with us here or on our our Facebook page!


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