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Recently, there has been a huge rise in entrepreneurship.  With many self-starters working from home, a comfortable office environment that encourages focus and inspiration is more important that ever.  Here is a list of essential tips for maximizing your efficiency.

1.     Brighten Up.  Studies have shown that spaces with touches of yellow and orange boost energy and metal stimulation.  For a burst of inspiration, paint your den’s walls a warm wheat or shop for office supplies in pops of tangerine.

2.     Get a Desk with Drawers.  Whether or not you need storage in your desk, you need to look for one with drawers that extend to the floor on at least one side.  Drop your lamp, laptop, and phone charging cords behind that storage column to keep your area looking cord-free and clean.  Desks without side storage expose all that messy cord chaos.

3.     Face Front.  According to Feng Shui, for optimum productivity, you need to be able to see the door clearly from your desk.  Having your back to the room’s entry leaves you in less control of your workspace.

4.     UV-Yays!  Natural light is the most balanced white light available, making it ideal for reading, viewing images, and writing.  Move your desk so it catches plenty of rays from a nearby window or skylight.

5.     Behind Closed Doors.  An ideal home office has a place for everything and everything is in its place. Look for office storage that has doors in addition to shelves so you can close up items that are used less often or are less attractive.  I don’t want to see your extra paperclips, printer ink, and binders. 

6.     Get Personal.  A motivating office space reflects your passions, your achievements, and your purpose.  Replace posters emblazoned with cheesy inspirational phrases with something more specific.  Hang a pin board with imagery of goals you have for your business.  Do you feel successful when you run a race or climb a mountain?  Display a framed pic of yourself doing something that makes you proud to spur you on when your workload gets tough.

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