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1. Start with Surfaces
Clearing off flat surfaces is a great way to kick start your spring cleaning. It’s a small victory that will motivate you to accomplish larger tasks like sorting through your closet, organizing your cabinets, and deep cleaning the oven.

2. Use Tough Love
Be strict with yourself while you’re sorting through your closet/dresser. Ask yourself the following questions:
1. If I were shopping right this second, would I buy it?
2. Have I worn it in the last eight months?
3. If it weren’t a brand name, would I keep it?
4. Does it fit? Not will it fit, but does it fit. As in today.
If you answer “no” to any of these questions, in the donation pile it goes! Click here for information on how to schedule your donation pile pick-up.

3. 80/20
Across the board, whether it’s clothes, electronics or something else, we use 20% of the things we own 80% of the time. The goal for spring cleaning is to get rid of as much of the extra 80% of stuff as possible.

4. Don’t Forget…
While you’re spring cleaning and whittling down that to-do list, don’t forget to deep clean the: 
– mattress
– pillows
– tile grout
– trashcan
– A/C vents
These are the most often neglected areas.

Click here for a mattress cleaning tutorial using a few simple household products.

5. Don’t Clean a Few Things
Do sweat the stuff you don’t REALLY need to.  Make things less overwhelming and do yourself a favor by crossing these items off your list.
– clean the ceiling (simply take a broom and brush down any cobwebs)
– dry clean the curtains (just shake them out)
– dust the baseboards (put on a pair of clean socks and run your toe along them)
-wipe inside the cabinets (who has the time!?)

6. Pick a Playlist/Podcast
Chores feel like less of a chore when I’m listening to music or podcasts.  They keep me and my mind moving, making it easier to stay on task. 

Click here for my favorite motivational playlist, our custom-curated AID soundtrack.

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