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You know you’re supposed to “work smarter, not harder,” but that’s often easier said than done. Why not try using Feng Shui to help you? With Feng Shui, you can use the universe’s energy to really focus on what you want more of and to grow wealth. Here are a few tips to get you started in your work or home office.

Face your feelings. Lots of us have some negative feelings around money. We’re stressed about the bills we have to pay, we have memories from childhood when everyone seemed to have more than us, or we just can’t afford some of the things we want. It’s very empowering to just recognize these emotions. Grab a pen and paper, set a timer for 15 minutes, and write down any feelings that come to mind about money. Just let the words flow. Be as specific as possible, and take longer if you’d like. 

Then, do something physical with the paper: rip it up, crumple it, or even burn it. And voila!  You’ve cleared the emotional path for wealth.  

Check the entryway. A strong entryway is the mouth of chi — the energy that comes in with you and surrounds you — so it’s very important for wealth. Make sure the front door is in good condition and looks inviting. Does it open smoothly or creak? Are there chips in the paint or rusted sides?  Those are not the way to welcome chi!   

Store the old décor. If the Christmas tree or Easter bunnies are still hanging around in July, it’s time to put them back into storage. Putting up seasonal décor shows that you’re in sync with the Earth’s cycles and emits prosperous energy. Plus, it just feels better.

Clear the doorway. You want your front door to be completely unobstructed so that wealth and abundance can flow in freely. Find a new place for anything that prevents it from fulling opening. 

Reduce clutter. Your office is where you are trying to build abundance, so it’s especially important to clear any clutter from that area. You need to clearly see what you’re working with.

Find your prosperity corner. According to Feng Shui, every space has a prosperity corner. To find it, look at the entry door — the farthest left hand corner is your prosperity corner, typically on the diagonal from the entry door. There are a couple of things you can do in the prosperity corner that will help increase wealth and abundance:

  • Add a plant. Jade and money plants are best for Feng Shui, and they’re super low-maintenance.
  • Tape or rest money underneath the planter. As the plant grows, the money energy will seep into the planter and grow with it.
  • Clean any windows in the prosperity corner. Clean windows symbolize your ability to see new opportunities in your path.
  • Enhance your dining area. It is good Feng Shui to have your dining area in the prosperity corner, but no matter where it is, it’s always considered an area of abundance and wealth since it’s filled with bounty.

Hang a mirror near your dining table so it reflects the food on the table. Double the bounty, double the wealth!

Hang pictures of things that are appetizing, which will increase your appetite for making money. If you like to hang family pictures in the dining room, pick one where you’re sharing a holiday meal.

Wear citrine or pyrite. If you have a big interview or important client pitch, wearing jewelry made of citrine or pyrite will draw money to you and boost your self-esteem.

Harness the power of color. The colors of wealth are red, blue, and green, but you probably don’t want to use all of those in one room. Incorporate one or two into your office décor and other living spaces.

But above all, do these things with intention. If you’re just going through the motions, they won’t mean anything. When you’re selecting your plant or hanging your pictures, remind yourself why you are doing it. That way, every time you look at your prosperity corner or dining area, you’ll be reminded of that intention.

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