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Most people know the measurements they need when buying new furniture or planning the layout of a room: the height, width, and depth of your pieces; the length of the walls, and calculations of whether they will fit together. But just because there is space for each item doesn’t mean they will work together. To move comfortably throughout your home, you need to leave the appropriate amount of space in between your furniture.

Here are a few basic measurements you should keep in mind:

1. Walkway. You need to be able get around your furniture easily. A comfortable walkway is generally between 30 to 42” wide. The standard I use when creating a path between a sofa and a wall is 36”.  

2. Seating. You can have the best sofa in the world, but if your knees are cramped, you just won’t be comfy. Leaving yourself 12-18” between the sofa and the coffee table should do the trick. For chairs at a desk, dining room table or vanity, you should leave 30-36”.

3. Drawers. Drawers aren’t nearly as useful when you can’t pull them all the way out! Leave 24-36” in front of your drawers and you’ll guarantee full access to their contents.  

4. Bar Stools. Want to know how many bar stools you can fit at your counter or peninsula? Each stool should get 18-22”, so if you divide the length of the counter by 22, you’ll have your answer.

5. Doorways. There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a piece of furniture and having it delivered, only to find out that you can’t get it through the door! So remember these measurements: The width of a standard doorway is 30-36” and the height is 80-84”.

It may not be the most exciting topic, but proper sizing and spacing is crucial to attaining a look you love and making sure your home serves the functions you need.  

Still have sizing questions? I’d love to answer them. Send them to or post them to our Facebook page, and I’ll address them on our podcast or during a Facebook live session.   

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