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Your homeroom days may be behind you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy that energizing back to school feeling. Get in on the fun by using this time to refresh your work supplies! This week we’re sharing the must-have tools that keep us on top of our game, no matter what the day throws at us. 


As citizens of the digital world, we spend most of our days in front of our computers. But every and now then, we need to step away from the bluelight of our screens and clickety clack of our keyboards. Whether we’re in a full out brainstorming session or plotting out different room layouts, sometimes there’s nothing better than putting pen to paper.

Our absolute favorites are the Uniball Retractable Gel Pen ($10 for 12). The pen glides across the page so you can focus on letting your ideas run wild, rather than the mechanics of what you’re doing.   


We all lead such busy lives; it can really feel like a juggling act and the demands just keep on coming!  But getting it off your mind and down on paper can turn your to-do list from overwhelming to under control.

We love the the Daily Action Planner ($19.95) because it helps you run your day instead of letting your day run you. Banish the tyranny of the urgent and prioritize the tasks that will make the most impact in meeting your short and long-term goals.  


What keeps us organized, inspired, and adds a decorative element to our space? Our trusted pinboard from  ($135). It’s a handy spot to keep track of all the little things, plus provides an elegant e backdrop for everything we want to keep in sight.

You can use yours to create a moodboard, keep a monthly calendar, or even leave a note. Have a black and white office? This can also be the place to add some pops of color!


Sometimes the day’s not even halfway done when the stress kicks in. But it doesn’t have to derail you. Keep calm and get back to work with the magic of aromatherapy.

The SunLeaf Naturals Pure Essential Oil Reed Diffuser ($13.42) gently mists natural oil throughout the office. Inhaling the scent is said to stimulate brain function and can improve your sense of well-being.  When the chaos takes over, we opt for lavender or eucalyptus.   


There are so many apps these days, it can be difficult to tell which are just adding to the clutter. But one app that’s helping us clean up is Tiny Scanner (free). Just like its name implies, it turns your phone into a mini scanner so you can capture receipts, post-it notes, magazine clips — you name it — and convert them into images or PDFs.  

With Tiny Scanner, we’ve gotten rid of our paper files and digitized all of our records. And that means there’s more room for our favorite things – decorative accents!  



No two people have the same work habits, but many of us cannot work in absolute silence. And there’s a growing body of research supporting the idea that a little background noise can be beneficial for your productivity and creativity.

Regardless of whether you opt for classical music or the simulated hum of a coffee shop, you’ll love this stylish speaker from Target ($49.99). The Bluetooth capability means no unsightly cords, and you can change its color to match your decor or your mood.  

What are your favorite supplies to make your work more efficient and maybe even stylish? Let us know in the comments or at

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