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If the start of 2018 is any indication of what kind of year it’s going to be, we’re in for some fun ahead. In terms of design, all roads point to an eclectic, looser style. From handcrafted pieces and natural elements to worn metals and adapted prints, so many new and unexpected decorating options are opening up. 

We’ll highlight five of the biggest 2018 design trends in this post and bring you five more in the next.

Brass. Metals are still having their moment but rather than the sleek sheen of gold and silver, designers are opting for the grittier feel of brass. The aged metal adds warmth and shine to a space while also providing a more homey, relaxed feel. We especially love it on the base of floor lamps and as a material in accent tables.

Wabi-Sabi. If we’ve learnt anything from all those years watching America’s Next Top Model, it’s that perfect symmetry is boring. Real fashion is all about the beauty of imperfection, and the Japanese have even made this an explicit aesthetic, named Wabi-Sabi. Well, it seems like interior design is finally catching up. Pottery that is unevenly glazed, pillows with hand-sewn seams, and stamped patterns that are irregular are a few accessible ways to embrace this philosophy in your own home.

Bold floral prints. If you’re envisioning dainty rows of tiny pastel flowers trimming wallpaper or sheets, you’re probably wondering what’s new about florals. The 2018 version embraces contrast, taking delicate bouquets and splattering them in large patterns and stronger colors across large swathes of fabric. Try the trend with drapes, pillows, or even an armchair!

Stone. 2018 is rocking out. Agate was already in full force last year, but now there are many more unusual stones entering the mix. Stones add texture and dimension to your space and bring the beauty of nature inside. Expect to find them used in everything from coffee tables to decorative accents.

Artisan light fixtures. We’ve long appreciated Etsy for finally making it affordable to source handmade, artisanal items for our homes. It’s such a cost-effective way to make your space feel unique, even when most of your bigger pieces come from mass retailers. Long focused on pillows, blankets, and custom art, the artisanal trend is moving its way into lighting and we’re smitten with what we’ve seen. Crafted iron-forged sconces and macramé fringed pendants are sure to become designer go-tos.

Are you as excited as we are about these design trends? Let us know! And check back soon for the next five.

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