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If you’re a feng shui fan like us, you might already know that gallery walls are thought to have beneficial properties. They soften up a space and promote positive energy — who doesn’t want that? Or maybe you just like the way they look. But it’s also very common for even talented interior designers to feel intimidated by the process of putting together that perfect collage. From curating a varied, yet cohesive, set of pieces to selecting the right frames and deciding on the ultimate placement, it takes a lot to get it right. But with our tips and tricks, this can be fun DIY.

The art of selecting art.

The foundation of the gallery wall, the artwork is the most important step. If you’re going for an organic look, try mixing a combination of new pieces and vintage finds. Flea markets are one of our favorite sources for affordable treasures. Pick a uniform colorway or tone to maintain a sense of cohesion on the wall. If you’re going for a more modern look, it’s best to choose prints from the same collection.

Image via All Home Decor

Anchor your frames.

For vintage pieces or an eclectic look, try mixing and matching your frames. Traditional metal, modern wood, or a color frame that matches a primary print color — anything goes. Going for a modern aesthetic? Stick with one uniform choice throughout, such as a thin black frame.

Make a game plan.

Your art is all framed and ready to go. Now it’s time to arrange your perfect collection! The most efficient way to do this is to measure out the hanging space on the floor and test out your pieces in different configurations. Once you have settled on the perfect spacing and placement, you’re ready to bring your masterpiece to the wall.

Keep the spacing uniform.

Here’s a little trick from the books: blue painter’s tape is your best friend. Use it to space out your frames evenly and mark where to place the nails. It’s sticky guidance that won’t leave you (or your wall) feeling blue.

Image via Design Traveller

Start from the bottom.

You want the center of the gallery to be at eye level or about 5’7”. If the whole picture is too high, everyone will have to crane their necks to see it. Too low, and you have the reverse problem. The trick to getting it just right is to start by hanging the print at the very bottom and building up and around from there. This will also allow you to accurately space out the distance between the gallery and the closest piece of furniture, which should be between 8”-12”.  

Now you’re ready to get your hang on! Do you have a gallery wall you are proud of? Share it with us here or on our our Facebook page!

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