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Warmer weather is on the horizon. It’s time to pack away the sweaters and get ready for flip flops. Does your space need a bit of freshening up as well? Our designers have some tips for you. Read on!

“Resist the urge to fill up every spot on the walls. Leave some negative space for the eye to rest.” Angela

Less can definitely be more! A blank wall brings focus to a piece of statement art, and helps to enhance the calm energy in your room.

“Pick an inspiration piece to determine your color palette. A rug, artwork, or even bedding can be used as a jumping off point.” Allison

We all need to start somewhere! Select an existing item you love and let it guide you. Use the color scheme and style of your favorite things to carry throughout the room.

“Updating your throw pillows to lighter colors will bring new life into your home for the spring/summer.” Ashley

Pillows are an affordable way to transform your room instantly without breaking the bank. No matter the season, you can swap out your pillows for a fresh, new look.

“Be bold and vivid. Use different textures and materials in juxtaposition, which will bring more of a dramatic feel to your space.” Bita

How do you bring a designer look to your space? Easy! Incorporating a variety of textures and materials will give your room a rich, curated feel.

“As an interior designer, I can help you pick your exterior paint colors too! Painting your house is an expensive undertaking; it’s helpful to narrow down your choices by painting small color swatches on the house in a well-lit area so you can see which you like best.” Jeanie

Is the overwhelming number of paint options keeping you up at night? Check out our blog post on how to select the right paint colors for your interior and exterior paint projects. Now, get some rest!

“Use a felt rug pad to protect your floor and keep the rug in place. Most people don’t realize that rubber rug pads can damage wood flooring.” Paulina

To rug pad or not to rug pad? The answer – rug pad! They not only keep your rugs in place, they protect your floor and prolong the life of your rugs.

“In smaller rooms, resist using a dark paint color. Keep the walls light to make the room feel larger.” Stephanie

When was the last time you heard, “Gee, I wish my room looked smaller?” Never! Pick a light paint color and your small space will appear airy, bright, and yes, larger.

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