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Do you break out in a cold sweat every time you look at your blank walls, yet have no idea what to do with them? You don’t have to resort to the same ‘ol same ‘ol canvasses. Be creative, show your personality and style. Dressing your walls will make your space look curated and finished. Don’t worry, and we’ve come up with five ideas to help you get your interior design on fleek. Keep reading!

Image via Anthropologie.

Tap, Tap, Tapestry

Tapestry works excellent in both bohemian and eclectic spaces. Want more raw materials in your space? Go with a macrame. But if you are looking to bring in more color, a fabric tapestry is the way to go. We love this piece from Anthropologie!

Image via Pottery Barn.

Sculpt Away

Add character to your walls by hanging sculpture. There are a variety of materials to choose from metal, wood, woven or even ceramics. Sculptures come in many forms, too. From bowls to carved materials, you can also pick up some sculpture on your travels to hang when you return home. We love this metal arrangement from Pottery Barn for a modern to transitional space.

Image via MoMA Design Store.

Trip the Light Fantastic

“Wow” your guests by customizing the lighting design on your wall from the MoMA Design Store! There is nothing cooler than a light installation, and this one can be arranged to create any form you desire. The icing on the cake? The LED lights also change colors.

Image via Crate and Barrel.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are an excellent way to fill wall space. Plus it doesn’t hurt that they can add the illusion of more natural lighting. Mirrors also make your space look bigger and the area to appear more open. Hanging them is a no-brainer, and there are so many unique styles out there from which to choose. One of our favorite ways to use mirrors is to incorporate them with photos on your gallery wall. We love this arched mirror from Crate and Barrel for over a mantel.

Image via West Elm.

It’s Alive

Love plants and want to create a forest-like vibe in your home? Living walls have become increasingly popular over the years with environmental awareness. Whether it be artificial, like this one from West Elm, or real, it is a great way to bring color and life to any space. If if you go for the real deal but don’t have a green thumb try succulents, they require minimal maintenance.

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