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We’re always thankful, but since it is Thanksgiving week we wanted to be sure we tell you how grateful we feel that we get to do what we love every single day…transforming homes into the happy places our clients are excited to return to! In honor of that, we thought we’d list 5 interior design items we absolutely adore:

Thanks, Nature

We love an organic texture. From living walls to decorative accessories such as plants, bringing nature into your home creates an inviting and warm space. Not only is it easy and affordable to accomplish, but it also adds a nice pop of color!

Appreciate Affordable Style

Of course we have to mention affordability—It’s our thing. We help you accomplish the looks you see in the high-end stores using items from discounted retailers. Accomplishing your dream room is easy to do and you won’t break the bank!

Creature Comforts

Most of us spend a lot of time on our sofa, so make sure it’s comfy. Some like it firm, some like it soft, and some in between, but whatever your preference be sure you remember Goldilocks and buy a sofa that is just right for you!

Love Ya, Lights

We think of lighting as your rooms best friend. Not only does it brighten and make a room shine, but the affordable unique fixtures on the market now are endless, and for that we are grateful!

Back At You, Books

Books give us so much. Reading pleasure, sure, but also coffee table books are a great decor accessory. We sure appreciate them!

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