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It’s the beginning of a new year and the beginning of a new decade.  Do you feel like you want to freshen up your home’s interior? Here are 10 ideas that will help you breathe some fresh inspiration into your home decor in 2020. 

Paint a Room

It’s truly amazing what a coat of paint can do to give a room a fresh new look.  You don’t have to paint your entire house, just choose one room that you feel needs help and give it a fresh coat of paint in a new color.  Commit to doing an entire room in the color you choose and not just an accent wall. If you neutrals, the warmer tones are more popular in 2020 like Benjamin Moore’s Ivory White.  

Image via Jessica Klewicki Glynn in Elle Decor

Swap Out Throw Pillows

Now that the holidays are over it’s nice to box up all of the holiday decor and put out something that’s NOT red, green or blue.  It’s a bit early for spring, but either pull out some throw pillows that you stashed away for the holidays or get a few new ones. The custom pillow covers are surprisingly affordable at stores like DrapeOrama and MyPillowStudio on Etsy.

Get a New Piece of Art

If you don’t have a big budget, don’t despair.  You can find inexpensive alternatives like maps, menus or even fabric. Be creative and frame something that has meaning to you. You can even reuse an existing frame and just put some new artwork inside. 

Image via West Elm

Get a New Tray

Glam is back in 2020, so there are lots of mixed metal and even mirrored trays available.  Nothing can step up your coffee table or entry table like a new tray. They are great for building block to hold a grouping of candles, books any kind of accessory.   Just try to keep your groupings in odd numbers.  

Get a Few Indoor Plants

Plants can make such a difference in your decor.  If you’re brave, go for an indoor tree like a money tree, which brings good luck.  If you want something smaller stick to one of the easy care varieties like a pothos plant, snake plant or jade plant.  Every room needs one living element and it’s good for your air quality.

Image via Good Houskeeping

Update an Old Lamp

Nothing can make a lamp look older than a dated or even stained lamp shade.  Give your old lamp a new look with a lamp shade. Be sure to either take your lamp along or measure it so you can be sure to get a size that’s right for your fixture.

Update Your Bedding

It feels so amazing to get into bed when you have a set of fresh, new sheets.  The holidays are all about giving to others, but now maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a set of new sheets.  This is especially true if you like white sheets because they can tend to get dull and dingy looking. I really love to treat myself to linen sheets from my favorite bedding retailers like

Image via Brooklinen

Clear One Surface

This might sound minor, but all of us have one spot where our clutter tends to accumulate.  Focus on that one countertop and find a permanent home for all the things that normally collect there. For example, if it’s mail, get a cute filing box for mail that you have to keep and a nice looking waste basket to quickly throw away the junk.  Once a surface gets clear you are more likely to keep it clear.

Add a Mirror

Mirrors can bring light into a dark space.  If you have a room or a spot in your home that feels dark, try hanging a mirror on a wall that will reflect more light into the space.

Image via Pottery Barn

Get Fresh Flowers

It may not be spring yet, but flowers can be a good way to bring a fresh life to a room.  You can get an inexpensive arrangement for less than $10 dollars at places like Trader Joe’s.

This goes without saying, but the very BEST way to freshen up a room in 2020 is to get one of Affordable Interior Design’s packages.   You can get a one-room design package that includes in an in-home visit or a virtual package here.  

About the Author – I started my blog after binge listening to all of Betsy’s podcast during a move.  I was so inspired by her advice that I started documenting my own home decorating journey.  I hope you will come check it out.

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