On Display: Unique Conversation Pieces for your Coffee Table

It's always fun to add some unique elements to your interior decor. What's a perfect and affordable way to do this? Your coffee table, of course! Instead of the same old, same old why not shake it up a little? Here are a few ideas to get you started thinking outside the box:

Image via  Amazon .

Image via Amazon.

Go Ahead, Ask Us Anything!

Both educational and fun, trivia is a great family-friendly game for adults and kids alike. Here’s one we love from Amazon that will look great on any table. Put your guests to the test!

Image via  Shutterfly .

Image via Shutterfly.

Make it Personal

Show off your family adventures by displaying them in a photo book on your coffee table. You can easily create your personalized book online, or head to your craft store for a DIY project. What a fun, budget-conscious, and meaningful way to promote conversation, have some laughs and reminisce.

Image via  MoMA .

Image via MoMA.

On the Board

Give your guests or family members a challenge! Whether it be chess, backgammon, or tic tac toe, you're sure to find some that are fun and match your decor. We love this colorful set from the MoMA store!

4 polaroid camera.png

This Polaroid camera is so cute we couldn't resist. Wouldn't it look great in your home? If this style isn't your cup of tea, you can find a variety of others from vintage to modern. Say cheese!

Image via  Target .

Image via Target.

Guest Book It

Feature a guest book on your coffee table. We love this one from Target with its built-in pockets! Perfect for guests to leave you their sentiments. Pair it with the polaroid camera above and your guests can leave a photo alongside their note!

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