Paint Finish 101: What To Choose Depends On Your Room

Image via  The Oppatt Group .

Image via The Oppatt Group.

You've finally picked the perfect paint color for your room and are ecstatic about making a decision. Before you grab your gallon and go, you'll also need to decide what the appropriate finish is for each of your rooms. Paint finish influences your overall interior space of course, but did you know it also impacts the longevity of the paint appearance and freshness? Here, we take the guesswork out of what finish to choose for which room.


Be Flat

Flat finish paint has a beautiful texture and is perfect for low-traffic areas such as bedrooms or living rooms. It has the lowest sheen of any of the finishes making it the least reflective. The pros: it hides imperfections and provides for easy touch-ups; the cons: it's the most difficult finish to maintain because it marks up easily.



Eggshell paint finish has a smooth, elegant patina that works well in moderate traffic areas such as a study or living room. It doesn't do well in high humidity situations, so don't choose it for your kitchen or bathroom.


Satiny Goodness

Satin does it all. It works in low-moisture areas, is easy to clean and maintain, and holds up in high-traffic spots like the family room or playroom.


Nothing Halfway About Semi Gloss

Want a radiant sheen that is durable, easy to clean, and works well in high-moisture areas? Look no further than semi-gloss. Your bathroom and kitchen will thank you.

Image via  House Beautiful .

Image via House Beautiful.

Go Glossy

Gloss can work for any room in your house, even the ceiling. It's super reflective and gives your room pizzazz. Want to be a trendsetter? Pop some gloss!

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