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You’re so focused on all the gifts you need to purchase for others, you neglect the fact that you’re expecting 20 guests this week. With so little time how will your space look picture perfect when everyone arrives? Have no fear! Our gift to you this week is a bunch of last-minute holiday decorating ideas that are as easy as they are affordable!

Branch Out 

Branch out by bringing the outdoors in. Add branches to vases, spread them across your dining table, or simply top your mantel with overflowing evergreens. The best part about this DIY is there’s no wrong way to do it! Plus you get that wonderful outdoorsy scent in your entertaining space.

Image via Midwest Living

Origami Fun

Do you find yourself folding up scraps of paper, napkins or coffee filters into various forms at the dinner table? I know we do! Make your habits work for your decor by creating cute little decorative objects for your table, mantel, or entry console. We absolutely love these different sized trees from HGTV!

Image via HGTV

Make a “Greenman”

If you live further south, or Mother Nature has left you without the white stuff this season, you can still create a snowman using different-sized wreaths. Dress your “greenman” up and he’ll serve as a handsome greeter for your guests!

Image via HGTV

Holiday Card Display

Put your holiday cards on display to add a sentimental touch for family and friends. Pin them to a large red ribbon or a branch for all your guests to see. You can even get playful about it and use your Christmas cards as ornaments for your Christmas tree! 

Image via House Beautiful

Edible vase

Who doesn’t love flowers during the holidays? Add a touch of whimsy to the traditional arrangement by using a vase that made from candy canes. It’s perfect for an entry table — each guest can take a candy as a little treat when they leave! How cute is that?!

Image via Woo Home

Festive Fairytale Forest

Have some succulent plants around the house? Then we have an easy holiday update for you. Just add a little glitz and colorful trees to your existing plants, and you’ll have a fairytale forest come to life. Take it to the next level by including miniature reindeers and sparkles of faux snow!

Image via Midwest Living

We hope these ideas for special touches help make your holiday decor feel a little more inspired. Creating a unique, affordable, and easy decor element of your own? Share it with us here or on our our Facebook page!

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