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There’s a lot of trust that goes into hiring an interior designer to transform your personal living space. From investing the time and money in the collaboration process all the way through to the deliverables, it’s important to know what you’re working with a reputable team. There’s been some shakeup in the industry so you might be wondering who you can trust. Our goal is to provide a customer service experience like no other, and what you see is what you get! So let us tell you the top 5 reasons Affordable Interior Design is the right online interior design service for you.

One: We’ve Been in Business for 15 Years

We’re not a start-up, we’re a well established interior design company. Betsy founded Affordable Interior Design in 2005 and our company has only been growing since with a 5-star reviews.

Two: Quality vs. Quantity

We are a small boutique firm with 5 designers. Our steady collaborative meetings allows us to focus on ways to improve our client services. Some of our competitors have thousands of designers, which can complicate the quality control process. We believe in personal service and we know our process delivers client satisfaction.

Three: We Provide Clear Deliverables

What you see is what you get! Each of our packages are thoroughly delineated on our website for our potential and current clients. Our affordable flat-rate interior design packages simplify the process for you, as well as our designers.

Four: We’re Local

As a local business, we are invested in the well-being of our community and its future! What’s better than supporting a local business? It tailors to a more personable experience, while giving back.

Five: Woman-Run Small Businesses Rock

We pride ourselves for being a woman-run business. We’re a group of powerful, creative, and talented interior designers striving for increased economic stability. We are helping shape the future for young girls of today!

Interior Design for Every Budget. We Make Design Accessible, Not Intimidating.

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