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We’re a society of rules, and interior Design is no exception. One designer’s accent wall heaven is another’s hel…well, you get it. That said, while rules are made to be broken, or there’s always an exception to every rule (hello wooden flowers from Southern Bloom Co.) it’s also nice to have some guidance from the pros.

Stay away from the interior design mistakes below (or at least most of them!) and your rooms are sure to look designer curated:

No no: The aforementioned Accent Wall

Why: Two words—cop out! You wanted to go big but were afraid. Be brave. Either paint or wallpaper the entire room or don’t do it at all.

Image via Style by Emily Henderson

No no: Chintz

Why: Shiny cotton fabrics emblazoned with cabbage roses? Enough said!

Image via Pure Wow

No no: Christmas Lights.

Why: They’re not festive out of season. Instead, use plug-in dimmers or candles to set the mood.

Image via Becolorful

No no: Clip Rings

Why: Calling all college dorms! Your drapery hardware wants to pack up and go home.

Image via Home Depot

No no: And while we’re talking drapes let’s not forget the Decorative Finial.

Why: Basic end caps look clean, plus they won’t detract from the drapery.

Image via Drapery Rods Direct

No no: Fake Fireplace

Why: Fireplace = architecture. If it’s not built-in nix it.

Image via Wayfair

No no: Furniture Set

Why: Matchy-matchy isn’t designer looking. Furniture should GO together but never COME together. If you buy a dining table pick out chairs to go with it, or shop a different store for the chairs. Same for your other rooms.

Image via Urban Furniture Outlet

No no: Loveseat

Why: A pair of interesting chairs are definitely more chic than a clunky sofa mini-me.

Image via Sundance

No no: Shag

Why: It’s too high-maintenance and we don’t even want to think about what peculiar particles are hiding in there!

Image via PlushRugs

No no: Toilet Magazine Rack

Why: They’re tacky, and their position close to the toilet means those magazines are covered with germs. Yuck!

Image via Wayfair

So there you have it. Stay away from these design mistakes and your home will be on it’s way to looking chic as a designer’s dream.

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