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We get it. Designing a space can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know your design style. Are you traditional or transitional? Coastal or contemporary?

Here’s a brief introduction to 10 classic interior design styles:

Design Style 1: Asian

Elements from Eastern cultures are celebrated in this style. An Asian-inspired space is serene and calming, using natural materials like bamboo, rice paper, and silk. Wood surfaces are either untreated or lacquered. Earth tones, metallics, lucky red, and Asian symbols or imagery accent these spaces.

Design Style 2: Boho

You’ve traveled the globe and you’ve got trinkets from every corner of the world. Boho chic spaces are full of accessories, embellished fabrics, and jewel tones. The key to this style is editing. Pick a few inspirational images and don’t overdo. Go for sophisticated, not mish-mash street souk.

Elle Decor

Design Style 3: Coastal

Light, airy, and inspired by the ocean, coastal style decor will transport you seaside. Beachy spaces incorporate whitewashed woods, wicker, and seeded glass mixed with pale blue, nautical navy, muted coral, sandy brown, and seafoam green. Just be careful not to go overboard. If you don’t live near a body of water this style can quickly go “theme room” if you’re not careful.


Design Style 4: Contemporary

A lot of our clients mistake contemporary design style to mean modern, but it’s not. By definition, contemporary style is whatever is happening “now” in design. Currently, that’s clean lines, simple shapes, pops of color, and clutter-free surfaces.

Architectural Digest

Design Style 5: Eclectic

Feeling bold? You might be a fan of the eclectic. Rule breakers rely on a mix of many design styles, colors, patterns, and palettes to pull off this whimsical look. Eclecticism can end up looking like a hot mess, but if you shop a multitude of stores and have confidence in your vision, this look can be pulled off with stunning results.


Design Style 6: Glam

Think Hollywood Regency and make sure you have bucks to spend. Glam style is all about luxe, shine, and dazzle. With sequined pillows, crystal chandeliers, and mirrored furniture, rooms in this design style ooze with opulence.

Curated Interior

Design Style 7: Industrial

If you gravitate toward worn brick, exposed beams, and uncovered pipes, industrial spaces may be your thing. Aside from architectural details, any room can achieve this look by selecting pieces made of salvaged materials, incorporating concrete, or mixing aged metals into the decor.

Amazing apartment interior in designed in industrial style with brick on the wall and wooden ceiling


Design Style 8: Mid-Century Modern

Think Mad Men or Brady Bunch. Mid-Century Modern style is inspired by Scandinavian designers and organic shapes, and it originated in the 1950s. Minimalism, simple lines, and jewel-tones are all hallmarks of the popular Mid-Century style. In fact, although Betsy doesn’t like to talk about hers, if you ask she tell you she gravitates here.

Elle Decor

Design Style 9: Traditional

Timeless and comfortable, the traditional style of design is one in which grandma would approve. Traditional rooms use symmetrical furniture placements, soft textures, and curved lines, blended with neutral or muted colors to achieve the look.


Design Style 10: Transitional

Which brings us to transitional. Putting a new spin on classics, this style blends contemporary with traditional. It’s perfect for you if you are tempted by the colors and forms of contemporary design, but are afraid this style will make your place feel too cold or sterile.

House Beautiful

Still unsure about your design style, or non of the above caught your eye? Take our design quiz and let your design style be your guide.

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