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Yes, you need a desk, chair, storage, organization. Of course you do. But you know what else you need? Verve! What’s verve? Vivacity. Energy. Vitality. Plain and simple, verve is the stun factor. How inspired do you think you’d be working in a brown cardboard box? Not very. So spice up your space using these stun-worthy ideas and you’ll never want to leave your home office. Imagine the work that’ll get done.


Stunning Idea 1: Paint your favorite color

Paint the walls a color you love. Red? Go for it? Plum? Ditto. Chartreuse? Yes, you can. Whatever your favorite color, paint it on the walls of your home office and you’ll feel good being there no matter your workload.


Stunning Idea 2: Inspiration station

Inspire yourself every day. Every. Single. Day. Keep special photos, art, mementos, or reminders that are near and dear close by. Having these type of objects around will not only elevate your space, they’ll lift your spirit.

Dkor Interiors

Stunning Idea 3: Decorate your desk supplies

According to a this article on Martha Stewart’s website, decorating your desk accessories adds, “joie de vivre. Simply cover recycled metal cans or glass vases with romantic French-toile fabric in a few pretty patterns, and drop in your daily tools. Easy organization and inspiration.” Now that’s what we call stunning.

Martha Stewart

Stunning Idea 4: Get a comfy sofa and a pop of color in one

If your work from home space is large enough, consider adding a comfy sofa. Better yet, buy that comfy sofa in a pop of color and your WFH space is sure to stun. Naps or brainstorming allowed. Your choice.

Good Housekeeping

Stunning Idea 5: Maximize

Minimalist schminimalist. We say maximalist. Do it up. Patterned wallpaper layered with patterned drapes. Statement pieces. Maximizing creates energy. Energy = great work.

Real Homes

Whatever your design style, turn your office into a gorgeous space that’ll increase your motivation. Now that’s what we call stunning and functional.

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