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It’s your night out in you don’t know how long and you have the perfect pair of shoes in mind for a gorgeous time under the stars sipping mojitos. But when you pull your coveted lemon yellow leather stilettos from under your bed, you find the left one has a deep crease and the right one has an indelible spot of dirt that could rival any Rorschach test.

Before you banish yourself to a life without Manolo’s, read our 7 clever ways to include a shoe cabinet in your closet. You’ll never ruin another prized pair again.

Clever Shoe Storage Idea #1: Go Vertical

If your closet is large enough open shelving along one of the walls is a perfect solution for storing shoes. They’re not only easily accessible from shelving, this option offers a lot of space so there’s plenty of room to indulge your shoe habit.

Simply Spaced

Clever Shoe Storage Idea #2: Closet Conversion

We love the idea of converting a spare closet into shoe storage. Neat, complete, and oh so sweet.

Simply Spaced

Clever Shoe Storage Idea #3: Booking It

We love books almost as much as shoes. Almost. Why not dedicate a bookshelf to shoe organization? It’s a pretty perfect idea, don’t you think?

Simply Spaced

Clever Shoe Storage Idea #4: Crating It

Plain old wood crates are great for a lot of interior design issues. But, have you thought about using them for shoe storage? They’re affordable (sometimes even free!) and practical. And, they’re kind of cute to boot (see what we did there?)

Clever Shoe Storage Idea #5: Hook It

Hooks to hang your shoes. Ingenious, we think. Okay, this one isn’t in the closet but this idea would work perfectly there as well.


Clever Shoe Storage Idea #6: On Display

We love a good cabinet. Especially when its filled with shoes! Don’t want your shoes out in the open for everyone to see? Use a cabinet with solid doors. Again, this idea works perfectly in a closet and can double as storage for sweaters, tees, pjs and more.

Posh Pennies

Clever Shoe Storage Idea #7: Made for Molding

This may be the best one yet. Molding is hung along a wall for shoe storage. So cute, affordable, practical, and inventive. Now, where can we find a pair of those turquoise strappy sandals?


Ready to be the shoe storage superstar you know you can be? Implement one of the above ideas and let us know how it works for you.

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