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We all have our talents. Maybe you bake a mean apple pie, run marathons, or can solve for x in two seconds but when it comes to creating a space you love you’re overwhelmed by choices and underwhelmed by the results. Sometimes, picking out the right pieces of furniture and placing them in your home just isn’t your thing.

That’s why interior design firms were created!

Interior designers have good taste, of course, but they’re also gifted space planners and problem solvers. Here’s the top 5 reasons to work with an interior design firm:

1. We’re rooted in the real world

We know you want everything (including the kitchen sink) when it comes to design, but sometimes you need someone to tell you what is (or isn’t) plausible! Maybe there are budget constraints or logistics issues. Maybe it’s just plain impossible to find a king-sized faux mink throw in chartreuse, or put a banquette in your tiny kitchen’s eating area.

Interior designers are specialists in the industry. They know what’s up. They know what’s do-able, and they now how to make your dreams a reality within reason.

Design by Affordable Interior Design

2. We give you options

There’s more than one way to set up your space. “We love to give our clients choices,” says Betsy. “I train my designers on a special 3D software program and they bring that tool with them when meeting their client. That way, the client sees the lay out and various space planning options and right then and there, they can pick which is best.”

Design by Affordable Interior Design

3. We save you time

Hours searching online and in-store? You want that time back? You got it! Interior designers have a process they follow to design your space expediently. At AID, the design process can take as little as 2 weeks or so depending on the package and scope of your project.

In addition, we source the items for your space and do the shopping for you, giving you back time to focus on other things. What could be better than that?

Design by Affordable Interior Design

4. We save you money

A lot of people think interior design is beyond their budget. But, hiring an interior design firm actually saves you money. No more wasted dollars on design mistakes (c’mon, you know you’ve made ‘em!) and you can take advantage of trade discounts on a lot of your items, too. We believe in making interior design accessible to everyone and every budget.

Design by Affordable Interior Design

5. We have industry connections

We know people. Installers, handy teams, architects, contractors. We’ve got the ins and outs of the interior design industry down pat. Questions? Just ask. Let us be your guide.

Design by Affordable Interior Design

Interior Design for Every Budget. We Make Design Accessible, Not Intimidating.

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