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We know color can be scary. It frightens more clients than breaking the budget. But the truth is, neutral spaces (done in colors that are not found on the color wheel: whites, ivories, tans, and grays) may not work unless you have tons of money to spend on texture to add interest. Think nubby silks and elegant embroideries. Color catches attention and adds contrast, and if you want your space to look luxe on a budget popping some color is the way to go.

But how? Here are 6 of our favorite blogs on the subject:

1: How to Add a Pop of Color Without Paint

We’re kind of partial to this one from Apartment Guide. After all, Betsy contributed. And it has some really great ideas for those that want to add color without having to get a roller and ladder.

Apartment Guide

#2: 7 Simple Ways to Add a Pop of Green to Your Home

If you’re a lover of the color green this one is for you! It’s chock full of mostly affordable ideas (green fireplace might be a stretch) on how to add this versatile hue to your space. From botanical prints to green glass, you’re sure to find something to inspire your need for green.

Simplicity in the South

#3: 10 Ways to Add Color to Your Living Room

Here’s a really solid blog on how to freshen up your living room without doing a full makeover. Simple, cost-effective, and attainable.

the spruce

#4: 6 Ways to Add Color to Your Modern Farmhouse Decor

What images of modern farmhouse dance in your head? Chances are they’re probably filled with a lot of creamy whites and neutrals mixed with light woods. If you love the barn doors but want to add interest here are some great tips to do just that.

Sara Ho Design Studio

#5: 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Blue in Your Home

Blue is not only popular, it’s calming. Plus forget 50 shades of gray; there are tons of variations of blue-ness to choose from. While this blog from Kathy Kuo offers some options that are more of a commitment, it’s still worth checking out for the gorgeous pics (inspo anyone?) and knowledge base.

Kathy Kuo

#6: 12 Bold Coastal Color Palettes You Haven’t Considered

Tons of good ideas from HGTV for the sea-worthy set. What else do we need to say?


Which blog is your fave? How are you adding color to your space? Pop a comment and let us know.

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