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We asked you answered! After surveying our clients for their top interior design preferences, the results are eye-opening. From the top requested spaces to design to the most-liked stores and the oft-asked-for design styles, we’ve got the skinny on what is happening in modern decor. The answers may inspire you to start a makeover on your space. Here are the top interior design preferences as chosen by our survey respondents:

Most Requested Room to Design

  1. Living Room/Dining Room Combo: With the continued popularity of the open floor plan and multi-use spaces, our client’s number one makeover request is for the LR/DR combo area. 
  2. Living Room: Many of our clients live in New York City and the surrounding communities, where many homes and apartments have closed floor plans in long-established areas. Whatever the reason, a living room makeover is clearly a priority for 2 out of 3 clients.
  3. Primary Bedroom: Third on your list of requests, it’s no surprise an inviting place to lay your head at night clocks up there at the top. 

Most Popular Design Styles

Interestingly, there weren’t many conventions in sight! Respondents said their fave design styles revolve around fresh, modern, iconic spaces that reflect personality:

  1. Transitional: A blend of contemporary and traditional styles, transitional designs are timeless with a sense of modernity. 
  2. Contemporary: Characterized by clean lines, simple shapes, pops of color, and clutter-free surfaces, contemporary design leaves tradition behind.
  3. Mid-Century Modern: Still popular, this style features clean lines, geometric shapes, and furniture with tapered legs that bring a lived-in look to modern style.
  4. Eclectic: These rooms epitomize a “mix,” blending many styles, patterns, and palettes. Achieving a cohesive space can be tricky, but eclectic style is always exciting and fresh if done right.
  5. Modern: Known for minimalism and man-made materials like chrome and glass, today’s modern design style is evolving and is anything but cold or sterile.

Favorite Furniture Stores 

Here are the stores our clients said most reflect their design taste. Do any of the below reflect yours?

  1. West Elm
  2. Crate and Barrel
  3. Pottery Barn
  4. Restoration Hardware
  5. Anthropologie
  6. Room & Board

Photo: west elm

Preferred Colors

Our clients asked for color palettes from these color groups:

  1. Creams/whites
  2. Blues
  3. Grays/blacks
  4. Beiges/browns
  5. Jewel tones (navy, burgundy, emerald, ochre, etc.)
  6. Greens

Photo: Pottery Barn

Conversely, here are the colors that they don’t like:

  1. Pastels (pink, pale yellow, baby blue, etc.)
  2. Bright tones (cherry red, sun yellow, royal blue, etc.)
  3. Oranges
  4. Reds
  5. Yellows
  6. Purples

Good interior designers know that designing a space is a collaboration between the client’s wants and needs, functionality, budget, and more. A skilled designer can look at a room and lay it out so it’s at its most functional, bringing solutions you may have yet to think about.

That doesn’t mean, as designers, we don’t consider your likes, wants, and must-haves. So it’s always fun to see what’s trending in the minds and homes of our client base.

Are you thinking about making over your home, a room, outdoor area, kitchen, bath, or office? We can help! Why not book a complimentary consultation and discuss your options?

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