Heading Out for “Island Fun”

I’m happy to announce that I’ve been feeling overall pretty good throughout my third trimester aside from lack of sleep in addition to making lots of headway on my book. I am so excited to finish it and get it into your hands early next year.  If you have questions for me, make sure to […]

The Trap of Designing on a Dime

I’m currently working on a very fun project at a teen center and wanted to share my thoughts with you before we dive into the mailbag on how to avoid creating an unintentionally mismatched space.  If you have questions for me, make sure to submit them here because soon I will be going on maternity […]

Room Layouts and Open Concept Entryways

I’ve been struggling to find a good handyman team here in Connecticut but I recently had my previous handyman team come out for nine hours and tackle nearly everything on my list. Now our house is finally starting to feel like home just in time for the baby to arrive. In case you missed it, […]

Decorating Bathrooms and Beach Houses

I’m preparing for my upcoming maternity leave and have been making headway on my book that I’ve talked about over the past few months.  If you have questions for me, make sure to submit them here because soon I will be going on maternity leave and want to get enough episodes queued up to sustain […]

Hanger-Fueled TMI

I’m 28 weeks pregnant in the middle of July and I am not thriving. One thing I am excited about is my upcoming baby sprinkle. We’re inviting some local friends and this has given me a newfound drive to finally get my house in order.  If you have questions for me, make sure to submit […]

Breaking Up with Beige and Adding Architectural Details

I am going to a fancy party tomorrow for my husband’s coworker and feeling very nervous about it. I think I’d be a lot less nervous if it was a design project, to be honest but I will be there to support my husband in our Havana Nights themed outfits.  Want to learn more about […]

Choosing Chairs and Reno Finishes

I’m officially back from our trip to France to visit my French mom and say our goodbyes and enjoy our babymoon in Paris.  In today’s episode, we’re answering questions about finding high quality armchairs online, selecting a kitchen backsplash and renovating an apartment.  This episode, we discuss… [5:45] Finding high quality armchairs online (Cara)  [9:46] […]

Cluttered Offices and Kid Zones

Even though I’m still out of the office, I didn’t want to leave you hanging and skip releasing a new episode because I hate when my favorite podcasts take time off for the summer so I want to keep the content flowing for you. Have a question? Make sure to submit to the mailbag so […]

Dealing with Brown Kitchens

I’m heading off to France for a few days to see my host mother who is terminally ill. It will be a sad trip but she is who sparked my love for interior design so I am forever grateful for meeting her. In this episode, I share more about my experience with my host mom […]

House Cleaning Strategies with Angela Brown

I am joined today by special guest, Angela Brown from the Ask a Housecleaner podcast.    This episode, we discuss… [1:07] About Angela Brown [3:36] Angela’s dads thoughts on her business [5:01] How Angela’s childhood experiences helped her shape her business into what it is today  [6:55] The biggest misconception about house cleaning [9:04] Why […]