commercial design plan

Impress customers with a design tailored to your brand.

We've designed for Warner Bros. Television, McDonald's, NYMEX, Food Network, and more! 

Your Site Visit

Our expert comes to your space for 2 hours and:

  • brainstorms ways to reinforce your business's brand through design.
  • creates the perfect layout for 1-2 rooms in your space.
  • decides which furniture pieces to reuse and makes a list of the new pieces needed.
  • determines signage/artwork placement.
  • selects paint colors.


Custom Floor Plans

Your designer creates computer drawn floor plans for the 1-2 rooms designed during the site visit.  The scale drawings illustrate where all the pieces will go.


Your Shopping List

Back at the office, your designer selects 16-20 specific furnishings that fit within your budget.  She also creates a custom mood board so you can visualize the pieces together.


Your Phone Presentation (10-14 days after the site visit)

You and your designer have a 60-minute session via phone.  During the call, she presents the shopping list and the mood board(s), sends the floor plans, finds options with you, and answers questions.  

With the plan and shopping list, click/buy on your own time to bring the design to life!



In compliance with state law, sales tax is charged on all services.

Some vendors that we work with offer affiliate commissions on the pieces that we recommend; however, that does not influence our design decisions.  Our priority is finding items from stores we trust that fit our clients' budgets/styles.  We want you to get the best stuff at the best prices--simple as that.

White Maize Restaurant Mood Board, Brooklyn

Floor Plan, White Maize, Brooklyn

White Maize Restaurant Floor Plan, Brooklyn


Need a customized plan for your situation? No problem!  We are happy to create a package for your space.