FAQ: Discount Shopping Service


1.  Do you have to have been a design client in order to use this service?                                                                                                 Nope, you don't need to have been a previous client to get access to our discounts.

2.  Do you give us your full discount or just a percentage of it?
You receive our FULL trade discount of up to 40%. Pay only the flat fee of $379 plus tax for us to order your list for you.

3.  Are there any other advantages to ordering with AID's service versus placing the order on our own?
Yes, design firms get VIP treatment from retailers. Our trade reps are hands-on and offer better customer service than what is available to the public. If you need to return an item we ordered for you, we will help facilitate that process.

4.  Do you manage/arrange the deliveries?
We provide your phone number as the contact for all deliveries. We forward you all your order/shipping confirmations so you can track your packages or schedule your deliveries.

5.  Can we spread out the orders or do we have to send them in at one time?  
You send the items in all at one time. Fill out the order form and submit. Each time you want to place additional orders, you pay the flat rate again.

6.  What stores offer discounts and how much is the discount?
On average, stores offer 15%. We get discounts at nearly every store that sells furnishings. Don't see the store you are looking for? Let us know and we will reach out to sign up for their trade program.

7.  Do we get the discounts on items that are on sale?                                                                                                                                    Yes, sale items qualify for the discounts. However, you can not use another coupon/promo on top of the trade discount.