By far our most popular service, with the 2-Room Makeover say goodbye to overwhelm. Let us take on the hard work of finding your perfect items in the seemingly endless array of furnishings available today.

We gather your ideas and create a cohesive design that reflects exactly how you want your space to look /feel.

In 1-2 weeks, you'll have a custom design roadmap, making it easy for you to bring your design to life!


Your House Call

One of our expert designers visits your home for 2 hours and creates the perfect layout for 2 rooms or 1,000 sq. ft.* Using our Design Style Questionnaire, we discover the style you’re looking for--even if you’re not sure how to describe it yourself. 

During the house call, our designer works with you to:

  • decide which furniture pieces you’d like to reuse/replace.

  • select paint colors

  • determine artwork placement and window treatments.

  • make a list of 12-16 furnishings needed for the design

Shop & Create

Back at the office, your designer shops virtually for the pieces on your list. The list includes direct web links to pieces from specific stores--all within your budget.

Your designer also creates custom mood boards to help you visualize the transformation and really give you a feel for how the space will look when complete.

If you’re not sure how many items you need, no worries! Your designer will help you decide exactly how many pieces you need to create your perfect space.

Click to see a sample shopping list.

The Big Reveal

7-14 days after your house call, you'll be on the phone with your designer while in front of your computer. During the one hour call, your designer:

  • reveals your itemized shopping list

  • presents your custom mood boards and your drafted floor plans

  • sources optional items for select pieces based on your feedback

And Voila!

Your home's custom design roadmap is complete with:

  • ideal, drafted furniture layouts for each of your 2 rooms

  • a simple, click 'n' buy shopping list detailing the perfect furnishings within your budget

  • mood boards that bring it all together

You have everything you need to bring your design to life and create a space you’ll love to live in!


The Follow-Up

We are here for you every step of the way. When you're ready, hop on the phone for a 30-minute follow-up call.

During the call, you and your designer:

  • share your progress and "after" pics

  • online shop to find perfect finishing touches

  • ensure your design process is going smoothly

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 2.37.07 PM.png



*Want to work on more than 2 rooms? Want your designer to find more than 16 items? No problem!

You can add extra time/pieces at our hourly rate of $175. In 1 additional hour, we can help with 1-2 more rooms or find 6-8 more pieces.



In compliance with state law, sales tax is charged on all services.

If you miss, cancel, or change your design appointment less than 72 hours in advance, you will be charged a fee of $50. 

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