The makeover follow-Up

Bring your designer back to add extra "wow" factor with accents and styling.


The Comeback

Now that you have completed The Makeover, are you ready to add all those tiny touches that make a big difference?  

During this 1-hour follow-up, your designer comes back to your space and:

  • design additional rooms/areas in your home.
  • curate and tape off where all your artwork should go.
  • layout a gallery wall for you.
  • find the perfect accessories for your surfaces.
  • create organization solutions.
  • style your bookcases/shelves/mantel.
  • help with anything else you may need!


*If you'd like even more help, you can add on time at $175/hour

Local to NY/NJ/CT:  (917) 767-2313
National:  (888) 51-DESIGN

Or email us at


In compliance with state law, sales tax is charged on all services.

Some vendors that we work with offer affiliate commissions on the pieces that we recommend; however, that does not influence our design decisions.  Our priority is finding items from stores we trust that fit our clients' budgets/styles.  We want you to get the best stuff at the best prices--simple as that.


West Village Dining Room, NYC