Virtual transformation

Work remotely with a pro to completely transform 1 room during this 2-hour phone call.


The Prep

Prior to the call:

  • send photos from each corner of the room.
  • email a hand-drawn floor plan with measurements.
  • fill out our quick n' easy Design Style Questionnaire.

During the call:

  • be in the room to be designed with a measuring tape.
  • have your computer with internet connection nearby.

The Call: Hour 1

You and your designer:

  • identify your style sensibility--modern, traditional, rustic, beachy, etc.
  • determine the perfect layout for the room, incorporating pieces you already own and new items.
  • discuss artwork placement, window treatments, rugs, lighting, and paint colors
  • create a shopping list of 6-8 items needed for the design.
Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 1.09.37 AM.png

The Call: Hour 2

Shop with your pro!

You and your designer go on a virtual shopping spree for the items needed to complete the look.

Source 6-8 furnishings online together, reviewing options and selecting pieces that fit your budget/personal style.

After the Call

Your designer sends you:

  • a computer drawn floor plan illustrating where all the furnishings will go.
  • a click n' buy shopping list of the 6-8 pieces you found.

     Bring the design to life when you are ready!






In compliance with state law, sales tax is charged on all services.

If you miss, cancel, or change your design appointment less than 48 hours in advance, you will be charged a fee of $50.