Jazzing Up a Hallway and Bathroom Updates

I hope you are having a great kickoff to your summer, we only have two more weeks of school left here and my kids are clamoring to get the summer started. When you’re an entrepreneur, sometimes it doesn’t always feel so cyclical. Sometimes you have to ride the waves of your children or your spouse […]

Kitchens, Fireplaces, and Decals

Summer is quickly approaching and I am definitely not prepared. I’m honestly never prepared for the summer but this time I am blaming it on the fact that I am pregnant and the idea of planning a vacation in advance is not appealing.  We have two weeks at the end of summer where my kids […]

Tricky Windows and Sofa Table Temptations

I’m feeling really good. Most of my energy is back. I’m rarely feeling sick due to my pregnancy. And it is spring. And Connecticut is gorgeous. In the springtime. It’s beautiful in the winter. Amazing in the fall. I haven’t been here for a summer yet. But spring. Wow, there’s so many flowers and so […]

From Teacher to Interior Designer with Shannon Major

I am joined today by special guest, Shannon Major, alumna of the Academy and Uploft Interior Design designer here to share her journey with you. This episode, we discuss… [1:01] About Shannon Major [1:22] How long it took Shannon to become an interior designer after joining the Academy [1:52] What inspired Shannon to join the […]

Black Windows, Kitchen Crown Molding, and Selecting a Style

Spring is here and I am loving it! I wanted to thank you all for your well wishes on last week’s announcement. Your support means the world to me and I’m so grateful for you tuning in each week.  Without further ado, let’s dive into the mailbag.  This episode, we discuss… [1:54] Painting exterior windows […]

Big Announcement

It feels like forever since it’s just been you and me here on the podcast answering questions and I really appreciate your patience while I have been otherwise occupied.  So I did a few best of episodes, which as you know, if you’re a regular listener is not really like me. I’m always on the […]

Designing with the Planet in Mind with Stephanie from Sustainable Minimalists

I am joined today by special guest, Stephanie Seferian of the Sustainable Minimalists podcast. This episode, we discuss… [1:49] About Stephanie Seferian [2:44] What it means to be sustainable [4:39] The importance of being sustainable [6:19] How to make the interior design industry more sustainable [12:38] The different types of sustainability certifications to know [15:43] […]

Tidying Up with Ingrid of the Declutter Hub

I am joined today by a special guest, Ingrid Jansen of the Declutter Hub. This episode, we discuss… [2:15] About Ingrid and the Declutter Hub [4:06] How Ingrid got into decluttering [7:40] Why Betsy is more of a collector than an organizer [8:46] How Ingrid approaches a decluttering project [10:40] The eight steps of the […]

Q&A with Decorating Tips and Tricks

I am joined today by repeat guests, Kelly and Anita of Decorating Tips and Tricks and we’re tackling your design questions.  This episode, we discuss… [1:57] Window Coverings in the Kitchen (Hannah) [12:58] Dressing up an office with lockers (Allison)  [24:57] Making a large living room more inviting (Emily) [1:57] Window Coverings in the Kitchen […]

Designing a Living Room and Warming Up the Farmhouse Style

Last month, the Uploft Interior Design team and I all got together and it was amazing! We met in New York City and we had not all gotten together in person since before COVID. We had a photo shoot all day for five hours where we each got head shots, team shots, etc. It was […]