Exceptionalinterior design for busy people.

Create a space you love
and surround yourself
with inspiration.

How long have you been putting this off?

Interior design often feels overwhelming to busy renters and homeowners. If these thoughts sound familiar, you’re not alone . . .

  • I just don’t have time.
  • There are so many choices. What if I make a big mistake?
  • I have no idea where to start.
  • How do I avoid getting overcharged by designers?

And yet, while most things in life are going well, it can be disappointing that your home still isn’t what you want it to be.

Short-Term Process for
Total Transformation

Conquer Clutter
and Stress

Inviting Rooms That

You don't have to wait any longer.

We believe everyone deserves the ease and assurance of professional
interior design services. We move the roadblocks out of your way!

Fast, Easy Process

You don’t have to tie your home up in a drawn-out design process for months on end. How about a few weeks?

Confident Decisions

Professional guidance helps you open up new possibilities, define your style, and celebrate a spectacular final design.

Fair, Sensible Pricing

100% of our industry discounts on furnishings and decor are passed on to you. There are no markups — ever.

4 steps and 2 weeks to design a space that you love.

Our nationally-recognized, award-winning process:

Step 1

Discover Your Style

Share your preferences on our custom questionnaire. Our designers study your form and craft a design personalized to your needs, space, and style.

Step 2

Our Award-Winning Process

In-person or virtually, we use our efficient “Makeover Plan Process” to create floor plans, make a list of pieces needed, and begin your transformation!

Step 3

Design Reveal

Two weeks later, after doing the research and legwork for you, we reveal your design roadmap including mood boards, floor plans, and shopping lists.

Step 4


Click, buy, and watch the pieces arrive!  Share progress with your designer during a follow-up call. Relax and enjoy your redesign with friends and family!

Start your transformation today

Design a space you love in 2 weeks or less. `

Why are there no markups on furniture and decor?

The interior design industry is riddled with hidden costs, mark-ups, and under-the-table affiliations.

Since 2005, we’ve worked to change the industry by providing you with fair prices and total freedom in sourcing your furnishing and décor. 

You will never see a markup on the items we recommend, nor do we have any affiliations or loyalties to certain companies. We’ll always recommend the best piece for your unique design. Full stop.

Meet award-winning team Uploft

Our small team of expertly trained designers makes a BIG impact.

In-person or virtually — from floor plans to furniture to accessorizing!

We create a space you can’t wait to come home to.

I loved the way that our needs were listened to and executed without us having to do any of the dreaded research or legwork. The whole experience felt easy, and the best part is that we got exactly the kind of result we were looking for at an affordable price!
Karen C.
This was my first time collaborating with an interior designer and I had the most amazing experience working with them. The provided mood boards spoke to my personal style while pushing my imagination in ways I never would have imagined. She understood me in a way only a friend who has known you for years would.
Kisha S.
My designer absolutely "got" what I was looking for. I could not have been happier with the reveal call. As a further plus, we came in well under budget! I was truly impressed with the way my designer turned my ideas into the looks for the room.
Stuart N.

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