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Changing your home’s accessories with each season is oh so chic—and affordable.  Fall 2014 abounds with exciting opportunities to be fashion forward on a budget.

1.     Model Apartment.  Look to the runway to add a trendy touch to your space.  The colors that are hot in fashion for Fall 2014 are also big in home design.  Choose accents in shades of cobalt, orchid, and ruby red.

2.     Get Your Weave On.  Got a little extra time on your hands now that the kids are back in school?  Get to knitting!  Woven materials like knotted curtain panels, crocheted blankets, and macramé wall art are back in vogue.  

3.     Luxe Leather.  This season leathers with a metallic sheen are all the rage.  Look for sparkly suede pillows, silver Moroccan poufs, and hides embellished with sequin details.

4.     Mind Your Metals.  Copper is the new stainless steel.  Heat things up in these cooler months by choosing furnishings that feature this warm metal finish. 

5.     Bee Stylish.  The honeycomb print is swarming boutiques and stores alike.  You will find this six-sided polyhedron on everything from tiles to lamp bases to bedding.

6.     Comfy Corduroy.  It’s not just for trousers anymore!  This chunky velvet textile is taking over home fashion this fall.  Who doesn’t want to snuggle up in the arms of a corduroy wingback chair or pile on top of a stack of corduroy cushions?

7.     Go Glam.  It’s all about being daring, a little over-the-top, and extra elegant.  I have my eye on crystal light fixtures, lacquered furniture, and decadent tufting.

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