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Tip #1:
Create a quick and easy winter tree tablescape by cutting squares of giftwrap in different sizes. Then form cones with the paper securing the seams with double-sided tape.

Tip #2:
Accessorizing your home with fruit in bowls and hurricane vases is a year-round trick. To make the idea more seasonal, put some evergreen boughs and greenery in between layers of green and red apples.

Tip #3:
Add a splash of color to your bed with a seasonal table runner.  Buy a decorative runner at Pier 1 or Michael’s, and spread it over the foot of your bed for a touch of festive flair.

Tip #4: 
Create new covers for your coffee table books by creating ones out of colorful wrapping paper. If you are feeling extra festive, top each book with a bow.

Tip #5:
Wrap strands of garland around your floor or table lamp bases.

Tip #6:
A home should not only look festive, it should smell that way, too. Buy fresh herbs like sage or rosemary at your local bodega. Then tie the bunches with ribbon or twine and hang them around your space. Once they dry, chop them up and use them in your holiday cooking.

Tip #7:
Bring the outdoors by hanging large ornaments or pinecones from strands of colorful ribbon in front of your windows. You can easily tie the ribbon around the window’s latch with a large, loose bow. Perfect pinecones can be found in the garden district at places like Jamali.

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