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Where is the time going? I feel like summer just started and already the fall catalogs are arriving on my doorstep. One thing that’s always a hot topic no matter the season is love. It seems like everyone is either looking for a new relationship or trying to improve the one they’re in. Did you know that Feng Shui can help you boost your odds just by changing just a few things in your home? It’s as easy as that!  

When I was looking for the perfect partner, I learned about the bagua map — you lay it over the floor plan of your home, and it tells you which section of your space is conducive to enhancing each aspect of your life. For instance, you might find abundance over the kitchen area. So if you’re having trouble bringing more of something into your life, you might need to fire up your stove a little more often.  

I put the map over my little shoebox studio apartment, and my love sector fell right over my bathroom! Not the most obvious place for love, but you can’t change the sectors, so I decided to make my bathroom more conducive to love. 

The first thing I did was turn down the toilet lid. When the toilet lid is up, all your chi —good energy — gets flushed away.

The next thing I did was get a couple of bamboo stalks. Different quantities of bamboo signify different things. I got two stalks because two is a signifier of love and put them in a tiny vase over my toilet. You can pick up bamboo stalks at Ikea, a local bodega, or any flower shop. And they hardly need any maintenance at all!

I had also read about the power of drawing a picture of yourself and your perfect partner, complete with lots of details. I drew a picture of myself holding hands with a guy who’s fairly tall and good looking, with both of us wearing the exact outfits I imagined for a date. I left that picture above my toilet, so I would see it every time I was in the bathroom.  Don’t worry if you’re no match for Picasso; it’s the visualization, intention, and manifestation that’s important. So even if you have to draw stick figures, don’t commission anyone else to do draw for you.

Even though my love sector was in the bathroom, the bedroom is also an important area for romance. According to Feng Shui, if you want to draw someone else into your life, you have to have it set up for that. You can start by having two nightstands by the bed and two lamps, even if they have to be really small to fit.

Also, no matter how tight your bedroom is, don’t push your bed all the way up against the wall. You want to leave a little space — even if it’s not roomy enough for a person to walk through —so your chi can circulate.

The other thing to do is edit the imagery in your bedroom. If you’re a woman trying to attract a man, but all the paintings in your room are of women, we may have just identified part of your problem. The bedroom is a sacred space with very specific energy, so stick with abstract images and landscapes. The only people that should feature in images in the bedroom are you and your significant other.  

When setting up a bedroom up for love, think about whomever you’re trying to draw in. If it’s super feminine, there’s not going to be room for a masculine energy in that space. Or if it’s too sharp and lacking in anything sensual, it won’t feel appealing. So add elements that would appeal to the sex you’re trying to attract. Even if you’re seeking a partner of the same sex, don’t go overly girly or masculine, because balance is appealing to everyone. If you have lots of feminine features like a tufted headboard, pink colors, and sensual textures, balance it out with some straight lines and pointy objects.

The last thing I did was check the balance of Feng Shui elements in the bedroom. Feng Shui has five elements that need to always be in balance in a space: wood, water, earth, metal, and fire. I had a lot of navy blue which represents water, lighter blue tones, which represent earth, wood dressers and nightstands, and touches of metal. But I was missing fire! So I went out and bought some candles. Turns out, this is a pretty common element to neglect. Other options for bringing in fire are touches of red, like in sheets or coverlets, or triangle imagery, like something spikey or that has pointy ends.

Once I put all of these things in place, I felt pretty set and just gave it a little bit of time. Within months, I was in a relationship, and it moved faaaast! We were engaged within 10 weeks of dating and married within 7 months.  Not bad, right? So what are you waiting for? Grab your map and get started!  

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