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This week, we’re taking you through one of our new favorite before/after transformations: a warm and whimsical baby’s room in Manhattan.

Jenny and Ben are a young couple who had just moved into their new Manhattan apartment and were excitedly expecting their first child. But first, they had to put together the baby’s room. 

They really wanted a pretty room, complete with personal touches and details. Jenny in particular had ideas about what that would look like, but she wanted an expert to implement them and pull everything together so it had a cohesive look.  That’s why she called Affordable Interior Design

Like all new parents, Jenny and Ben were on a budget, especially since they had to decorate an entire apartment, and we all know how expensive babies can get! And just to complicate matters a little further, they were also in a time crunch – the baby was due in just four weeks. But Designer Allison was up to the task!

Jenny compiled some inspiration pictures and a Pinterest board so Allison could get a sense of her ideal nursery room. They talked through what Jenny liked about each image and her overall aesthetic.

Jenny is a young hip mom up on current design trends, but eschews anything too modern. So transitional was the way to go. Allison was particularly inspired by the soft grey color pallet they chose and the animal theme Jenny knew she wanted.

Getting the right layout makes all the difference for making a room (and your daily life) as comfortable as it is good looking. Jenny was really open to different proposals about how to set up her space and what furniture and accessories would tie it all together, which made a huge difference getting it all just right. 

It’s so important to think not only about the functions the room needs to serve, but how you will function in the space. In this case, meeting the baby’s needs was front and center. No parent wants to pick their baby up from the crib with a very full diaper and have to dash across the room to the change pad. And middle of the night feedings will be a lot more pleasant with a light near the glider so mom or dad can get organized, and a small table to put a bottle or cup of water down.

Additionally, Jenny and Ben needed the baby’s room to double as a guest room for the baby’s many expected visitors.  

Having one room serve so many functions can be a challenge, but not an uncommon one, especially in the city. Allison knew the key was to pare down to the essentials and make sure everything they selected packed an extra design punch.

Now it was time to shop. It was crucial to select stores that carried great design options for not a lot of money and to choose items that were in stock so they’d be delivered in time. For this project, Allison mostly relied on West ElmTargetWayfair, and Crate and Barrel.

“What many people don’t realize is how great the options really are when you’re open,” she says. They spent more on bigger items like the crib and changer, and chose well-designed, lower-priced accessories.

Allison also suggested going with a daybed, rather than a full bed, to save on space.

Jenny and Ben had selected our makeover plan, which means Allison gives them a complete design, and they implement it themselves. 

The plan includes a shopping list and a mood board, so Jenny and Ben could visualize the final result, as well as a detailed, professional floor plan with the layout they had decided upon.

They shared some pictures of the end result, and it just couldn’t look better! It’s a playful and inviting room that Jenny and Ben love (and so do we)!

Allison shares this piece of advice: You don’t have to go to extremes! You don’t need to spend a ton to get a great high-end look in a nursery. And it doesn’t have to be all baby or all elegance. The room can be fun and sophisticated at the same time which will make both baby and mommy happy.

We say, mission accomplished.

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