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Even if you don’t do any other seasonal decorating throughout the rest of the year, the December holidays are a time when a little extra decoration can really add to the joy of being in your home. But if the traditional take of multicolored lights and candy canes aren’t exactly in line with your design aesthetic, you may be feeling a little less than motivated. We hear, and we’re here to tell you – there’s no need to choose between embracing the holidays and maintaining your decorating sensibilities!

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite looks inspired by different design styles so you can think beyond the red and green.


The earthiness of rustic styles add a coziness factor that feels perfect for the dipping temperatures of the season. Bring out your best (faux) fur blankets and rugs to gather by the tree or the fireplace and add some natural elements to your decor. We particularly love bare branches, acorns, and loads of shrubbery.


At first blush, modern minimalism may seem like the antithesis of holiday decor,  but isn’t the season all about bringing all types together in harmony? If clean lines and hard textures are what you’re all about, make it work for the holidays by using a single color for all your ornaments and choosing decorative accents in interesting, geometric shapes in chrome or silver.


Elegance is all about incorporating things that look rich and opulent but with a measure of restraint. And good news – with the abundance of inexpensive decorative pieces in the stores, the holidays are the easiest time of the year to achieve an elegant look without having to spend all that much. Seek out refined metallic items, such as candlesticks, bowls, and vases to adorn your surfaces. And choose bouquets of flowers in a single color for an elevated touch.


If you’ve been collecting holiday knickknacks or just love that effortlessly eclectic feel, why not go for a boho-inspired holiday look? The key is to vary your textures and styles. Try mixing some glitter in with earthier elements and some quintessential seasonal items with more universal accents. If you’re worried about it looking too much, try using just a few color palettes or prints but in different variations.


There’s no other time of the year when it’s easier, or more acceptable, to go full on glam in your decor. After all, half the inventory in the stores is all about the sparkle and shine. Go for anything reflective or bedazzled – there’s no such thing as too much shine – and choose luxe fabrics and prints so you can get warm and cozy without losing an ounce of allure.


Contemporary walks the line between traditional and modern, creating a look that’s current but doesn’t stray too far from the past. Translating this aesthetic to holiday decor is as simple as borrowing elements of each. When picking out decorative accents, combine angular, geometric shapes with softer, curved pieces and offset a neutral palette (yes, silver counts as a neutral this time of year) with pops of color (like metallic red or green).

Now it’s your turn! Show us what inspired you or better yet, your own holiday decor!  

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