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It happens every year around this time. We start to feel the warm summer sun, and we instantly want to brighten up our homes. But with end of school, Fourth of July parties, travel plans, and everything else on our agenda, we’re opting for small changes that can make a big impact.

Here are our 5 favorite hacks to dress up your home for summer.

Let the music play. Not only is the sound of wind chimes meditative, they’ll also ward off those pesky birds that like to eat your garden. We’re partial to seashells, decorative glass, and other upcycled materials, but you can use anything that aligns with your existing decor. And while wind chimes are readily available in most home stores, if you’re moved by the DIY spirit, they’re a fun weekend project.  

Bring nature indoors. Nothing livens up a space like something green. Head to the local nursery to buy a new houseplant, or grow your own with clippings from plants you already have (indoors or out). Select varieties that grow tall for bare corners and ones that drape for shelves or end tables. And since deep green is having it’s moment, you can also consider accessories reminiscent of nature, such as a pendant or textured rug.  

Turn on the lights. Don’t let your holiday lights languish in storage all summer long. Dig them out and string them along your outdoor space, so you can enjoy a glass of wine al fresco illuminated by more than just the moonlight. And, since they’re less bright than traditional lighting, they won’t attract as many mosquitoes!

Work your walls. Swapping out the images on your wall is a quick, inexpensive way to give your home a pop of summer, and beach shots are so on trend! Scroll through your vacation photos and send one for printing. You’ll get an instant summer feel, and you’ll give your decor a personal touch.

Materials Mash-Up. Mixing and matching different textures can have a dramatic impact on your space. When the temps start rising, ditch the heavy textiles and accessories, and bring in some lighter, organic elements, such as macrame and bamboo. We also love how much is being done with reclaimed woods, such as driftwood. 

Which of these hacks will you try first? Let us know, then share your before and after photos with us on Facebook or Instagram.

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