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At the start of each new year, we expend a good amount of energy trying to better ourselves. Some of our resolutions are mainstays, showing up on our list year after year. Some build on our successes, as we aim to take our wins to the next level. And finally a select few involve a little bit of risk taking.

It’s no different in the world of interior design. Some styles followed us into the new year, some were tweaked just a little, and then there’s some bold fresh ideas ready for us to try out — if we dare!  

Image via Elle Decor

Vintage Lighting

What’s old is new again! Vintage styles have been all the rage over the last few years in everything from clothing to furniture. This year, it’s all about old-school versions of lighting design. And when we say vintage, we’re not just talking mid-century modern. Everything from art deco to minimalist bulbs is making a comeback. So while you’re busy Marie Kondo-ing your home, be sure to spare grandma’s old light fixture from the purge.

Image via Living Etc.

Fantastic Florals

Delicate flowers are getting a bold new treatment. Whether on upholstery or wall coverings, you’ll be seeing dramatic florals blossoming in all kinds of interiors. When done right, floral prints are a beautiful addition almost anywhere in your home, from the dining room to the powder room. It may add just the pop of color and personality your decor needed.

Image via Living Etc.

Bold Backsplashes

Farewell to all-white kitchens! Last year, the mid-century modern trend brought some woods into the kitchen. This year, the backsplash game is on! So good news if you went with the monochromatic kitchen fad — you can get back on trend without a full reno. Just incorporate a funky backsplash to all that white and your kitchen will be transformed (and at minimal cost)!

Image via Decor Aid

The Return of Boho

For some, the boho look never really left, but this year, it’s not up for debate. Boho is primed to dominate the design world. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate this laid back, whimsical vibe to your decor, simply switch out your rug, add some mix-and-match throw pillows, and you’ve got yourself the colorful abode that will keep you looking on point!

Are there more trends on you radar for 2019?  Share it with us here or on our our Facebook page!

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