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If you’ve been reading this blog lately you know we’ve been delving deep into the topics of decluttering and organization. Now that we’ve helped you purge and rearrange, we’re going to tackle small spaces. Here are our most-used tools to help you create the illusion of a larger room!

Image via The Every Girl.

Anchor Away

Area rugs are so important when designing a room. We like to use them to anchor the furniture in a given zone, and doing so makes the room appear larger. It’s a fun way to play with patterns too! 


Image via Freshome.

Bring In The Light

We aren’t just talking about using several lamps in the room to distribute the light in all corners; you’ll also want to keep the walls a light paint color so that they’ll reflect light rather than absorb it. This will give your room more depth.

Image via Apartment Therapy.

Go Big Or Go Home

You don’t have to stick with small art when you’re space-challenged. A large piece of art will draw the eyes up making your walls seem bigger and your ceilings seem higher than they are. So yes, go large and in charge.

Image via Home Idea.

Drape It

Floor to ceiling drapery will always make a room appear bigger than it is. Especially when you have lower ceilings. Similar to having a large piece of art, drapery will draw the eyes up and make the room seem taller. Our major tip: be sure to mount the drapes to ceiling height.

Image via Ooba.

Make A Statement

A small room doesn’t need exclusively tiny furniture. Invest in a large (ish!) scale statement item and your room will look more spacious. Just don’t go overboard, one piece should do the trick.

Image via Sonoma Mag.

Smoke and…

Sure mirrors a great way to fill up dead space on the wall but did you know they add extreme depth to a room? Set a mirror on a wall across from the window and it will reflect the natural light right back into your space, creating a more airy and open feel!

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