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Are you excited for fall? We are! It’s the time of year we think about transformations (Okay, every season we think about transformation but we’re designers) and so do a lot of our clients. One of the easiest ways to punch up your space is to add or change the color scheme. Pillows, paint, accent pieces, whatever floats your boat, here are some of the fall color trends we are recommending right now.

Image via Living Spaces

Who Doesn’t Love a Jewel?
Jewel tones have been big for a while, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. Rich navy, deep plum, emerald green and golden yellow can add a dramatic flair or a boho kick to your home. Try infusing color with a small furniture item such as a stool, or a larger piece like the gorgeous velvet chairs above. Or, better yet, paint your walls a sumptuous shade of teal.

Image via Magnolia

Off The Beaten Path

White doesn’t have to be bright, off-white offers a sense of serenity to your space and there are lots of variations from which to choose. Undertones range from gray to cream and everything in between. Off-white is anything but boring!

Image via Trendesign Book

Classic Times

Muted tones never go out of style. We love sage green, soft pink, and periwinkle purple, and you will, too! Colors of the muted variety are great way to perk up your space and stay on trend without being trendy.

Image via The Spruce

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Who wouldn’t feel happy in a room full of vibrant color? We know we would! Throw a little fuchsia, neon green, or bright orange in your room and see what happens. Or, maybe go big like the photo above and do it all up. Whatever vibrant pops or pieces you choose, you won’t be able to keep from smiling every time you enter your room.

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