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Telecommuting has become more and more popular in the last many years; and now with the effort to curb the spread of COVID-19 many employers are asking employees to work from home. But how do you set up a workspace that is inviting and productive? Ian Giles, VP of Cross Over 4 Work has a couple of tips. It’s easier than you think!

Make Work Separate from Play

Dedicated workspaces offer less distraction and allows you to keep your work like and home life separate. Ideally, a space with a door you can close works well, but in the absence of that consider setting up a small workstation that is out of the range of vision of where you spend time relaxing. Your office might only be a 30 second commute away from home, but that doesn’t mean you have to blend them 24/7.

Go Ergo

Ergonomic, that is. Studies show productivity rises with good posture. When working at a computer, your elbows should be at right angles and your computer screen should be roughly at eye level so your body is properly aligned. You don’t have to have fancy ergonomic chairs or office supplies—be mindful of posture and follow the above and you’ll have a properly-aligned, productive work day!

You Know We Love Light

As designers, we talk a lot about light, and it’s true even when it comes to productivity and workspace. Why, you ask? Because natural light cuts down on eye strain and fatigue. Plus, natural light boosts vitamin D, which kicks in endorphins. So, keep those curtains open, and use lamp light on cloudy days.

Mean and Green

Plants and flowers are a designer’s dream, and turns out they have health benefits with regard to being productive, too. Studies show nature and greenery keep workers happier and productive.

Keeping it Clean

It’s no surprise an organized workspace will keep you humming along. Most of us have an abundance of mental clutter, keeping your home office tidy can help you feel less overwhelmed. Perhaps schedule a specific day of the week to clean your workspace, or spend a little time at the end of each day to organize your desk. Make sure you have plenty of storage options, too, for all those office supplies.

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