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Are you thinking what we’re thinking? 2020 has sucked in many ways. Yet, we’re still here and for that we are grateful. We’re also grateful for the upcoming holidays, maybe even more so this year. As Natasha Burton says in a Healthline article:

“It’s so easy to focus on what we can’t do right now. But many aspects of the holidays can still happen just as they always have.

You can still deck out your house for Halloween and carve pumpkins. You can make your great-grandmother’s corn casserole for Thanksgiving or build gingerbread houses. (Great way to use up all that leftover Halloween candy, right?)

You can send cards and sweets to family to celebrate Diwali. You can dust off the menorah and unwrap all your beloved Christmas ornaments. And, you can definitely drive around town and look at everyone else’s holiday decorations. (Don’t forget the hot cocoa!)

Stay positive by getting really excited about all the things you can still do and put your energy into them.”

So, that’s what we’re gonna do. Are you with us? Good!

Here are 5 fun 2020 Holiday decorating ideas:

Zoom-worthy Backgrounds

A lot of our festivities with family and friends will be conducted virtually, of course. Add some seasonal cheer with a downloadable background. You’ll get all of the holiday-ness with none of the work!

Image via Havenly

DIY Double Duty

Sew, paint, glue, draw, snip. Get crafty with your holiday decor. Implement a DIY theme like the farmhouse inspired room below and get busy. Not only will your room look holiday ready, it’ll give you (and the kids) something fun to do.

Image via Cricut

Go Eco-Friendly Green

Using green elements to decorate helps the environment and sparks your creativity. Finding them gets you outdoors (safely!)

Image via Red & Honey

Repurposed Wreaths

Don’t you just love a door with a pretty wreath? We’ve seen them made from holiday lights, candy canes, greeting cards, gift wrapping, and pompoms, but marshmallows? How cute is that?

Image via Bob Vila

Maxed Out Minimalism

Finally, while you may feel like decorating, we completely understand if you’re too exhausted. We feel ya. So maybe opt for a minimalist approach? Tree sprigs in a starkly stunning vase will do the trick.

Image via Wit & Delight

o there you have it. Five 2020 decorating ideas for our pandemic holidays.

Whatever you do for this year, stay safe and enjoy!

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