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Color plays a lead role in interior design, and 2024 is no exception. From the calm serenity of blues to the grounding embrace of earthy hues, we’re unveiling the popular color trends for this year. Get ready to mix, match, and marvel! Here’s our guide to the trendsetting hues you’ll want to use in your home:

Beautiful Blues

This year, blue transcends being just a popular color trend; it becomes an experience. From the dramatic depth of navy to the tranquil whisper of sky blue, these hues are versatile and captivating. Blue adapts to any interior style, from the starkly modern to the richly traditional. It’s a storyteller in its own right.

Photo: House Beautiful

Earthy Tones

For color trend #2, look no further than nature for inspiration. Think creamy beiges, taupes, clays, and rustic browns, that mirror the outdoors. These colors are perfect for those who prefer a subtle yet sophisticated palette, offering a cozy and inviting atmosphere that changes with the natural light.

Photo: HGTV

2024 is Green Galore

Green is getting a major moment. Whether it’s a dark forest green that almost reads as black or a light mint that’s nearly white, green shades are incredibly adaptable. They work wonderfully as base neutrals, adding a fresh and sustainable feel to any space.

Photo: Better Homes & Gardens

Make a Bold, Neutral Statement

Who says neutrals have to be boring? 2024 popular color trends are all about bold colors serving as the new neutrals like khakis, rich yellows, and purples. Tip: They create striking impressions in smaller areas like entrance halls or powder rooms.

Photo: DigsDigs

Not So Basic Black

Oh, the moodiness of it all! Black is a 2024 interior color trend that showcases dramatic sophistication. Especially popular in living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, it captures all the emo and is inviting, adaptable, and elegant.

Photo: Better Homes & Gardens

Tone-on-Tone: Chic and Effortless

Are you looking to elevate your space with a polished touch? Try the tone-on-tone trend and layer different shades and textures within one color family. Effortlessly chic and sophisticated, it’s easy to do and packs maximum design impact.

Photo: House Beautiful

Beyond Girly Pink

In 2024, pink is evolving into a sophisticated and contemporary choice, adding an elevated and modern touch to any room. We’re loving soft mauves with brown undertones, and orange pinks like persimmon to up the pink ante.

Photo: HGTV

So, there you have it, the popular color trends of 2024! Whether you want to create a calm oasis, a bold statement, or a chic and harmonious space, these colors offer endless possibilities. Need more guidance on color and space planning? We’d love to help. Connect with our design team. Happy decorating!

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