Our Students Go On to Great Things!

Shannon A. describes going through the Academy and finding her path as she goes through the modules:

Matthew G. discusses his journey from glassmaker to interior designer to entrepreneur:

Emily B. took both the Academy and another online design course at the same time. She compares the two:

“Betsy’s class was fun, thorough and great!”

— Megan F.

“The session was great! The instructor was super informative and energetic. The whole class was very interactive and entertaining. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.”

— Regina C.

“Betsy is a fun teacher who was able to get her points across clearly.”

— Yoonjung K.

“I’ve been interested in interior design for a couple years. Betsy is highly exciting, funny, quirky, and charismatic. She made the classes super fun and invigorating.”

— Ann L.

“Betsy was great, very energetic and approachable. Her advice was priceless!”

— Ashley T.

“Betsy and her staff make themselves available for any questions you might have. I spoke to Betsy and she was very supportive and helpful.”

— JoAnn C.

“Great classes. Terrific teacher.”

— Graciela R.

“Fantastic class. Betsy was lively, engaging, and tailored her info to us.”

— Philippa M.

“The teacher was very good. I found the class very informative & entertaining.”

— Natasha M.

Ashley T. used her staging company to launch her interior design career. She explains how the Academy helped her take the leap:

Amanda S. shares how she balances being a military mom of 4 while being an Academy student and launching her biz: