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The interior design industry is riddled with hidden costs, mark-ups, and under-the-table affiliations.
Since 2005, we’ve worked to change the industry by providing you with fair prices and total freedom in sourcing your furnishing and décor. Most of our clients save $1,000 or more on their purchases!

Start your transformation today

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I loved the way that our needs were listened to and executed without us having to do any of the dreaded research or legwork. The whole experience felt easy, and the best part is that we got exactly the kind of result we were looking for at an affordable price!
Karen C.
This was my first time collaborating with an interior designer and I had the most amazing experience working with them. The provided mood boards spoke to my personal style while pushing my imagination in ways I never would have imagined. She understood me in a way only a friend who has known you for years would.
Kisha S.
My designer absolutely "got" what I was looking for. I could not have been happier with the reveal call. As a further plus, we came in well under budget! I was truly impressed with the way my designer turned my ideas into the looks for the room.
Stuart N.