Episode 362: Interior Design Trends for 2023 Pt. 1

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In today’s episode we’re diving into our interior design trends for 2023. If you’ve been a podcast listener for a while, you would know that one of my favorite things to do to kick off the new year is to share some interior design trends with you. Not all trends are good and everybody loves to release a hot hot trend list for the new year but some of it’s just noise so stay tuned for my unfiltered thoughts on these trends. 

Before we get into the episode, I am announcing our giveaway winners so if I announce your name, please shoot me an email to be***@up****.com to claim your prize. I am also going to share a little bit about what’s going on with my own design process so stay tuned for a jam packed episode. 

This episode, we discuss…

[2:30] The winners of this month’s giveaway 

[5:31] A behind the scenes look into Betsy’s own design process 

[13:56] Design Trend #1: Rugs with fringe 

[19:44] Design Trend #2: Mixing eras 

[23:47] Design Trend #3: Two Tone Lighting 

[2:30] The winners of this month’s giveaway 

Our first giveaway winner is Cindon. Please send us an email at be***@up****.com to claim your prize from us. 

Our second winner is EmeraldIsle23. Please send us an email at be***@up****.com to claim your prize from us. 

[5:31] A behind the scenes look into Betsy’s own design process 

 I was super gung ho in November. I’d been designing since September and made all the obvious choices. I’d gotten some light fixtures in our house so we could finally see and complete all of the foundational rooms in our house. The rooms that weren’t done were the formal living room, the formal dining room, my husband’s TV room, our family room, etc. The reason for this is because I needed big important pieces that needed a lot of consideration and these items often had long lead times due to supply chain issues. 

Even though we purchased this house knowing that we will at least be here for the next ten years, I am having a hard time committing to spending the big bucks. With our bedrooms, I know that no matter where we go, those items can go with us but some of the more custom items may not fit in our next home. 

For some reason, maybe it’s my history of moving every year when I lived in New York City, or moving every five to six years when I lived in Brooklyn and in Westchester. I’m just feeling like this isn’t as stable and steady as I might think. I’m having a hard time saying you know what, what does forever really mean? My kids are older so that means I can invest and they’re not going to color on the furniture and ruin it. 

This is the reason why I’ve kind of been dragging my feet in terms of fulfilling the design I’ve already created in most of these rooms. I’ve got all the pieces mapped out. I have some of them selected but this is where you start spending that money. This is where the investments start turning into commitment and start turning into fear. 

In November I decided to tackle the formal dining room. I purchased a table because I knew I could get it December 17th so I’d get Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner taken care of. I pulled the trigger and spent thousands of dollars at Crate and Barrel. They promised a December 17th delivery but it never showed. Both myself and my design assistant called very irritated and they rescheduled for December 21st. They still never showed so we ended up eating off of a $45 card table from Walmart. 

I found myself so depressed when I finally was able to pull the trigger because not only did the table not arrive on time, but when I finally did commit to two sofas in my formal living room both of them arrived hopelessly damaged. The more I tried to get ahead during this time, the less traction I was able to make and it became super disheartening and actually depressing.

I have the vision and know exactly what I’m looking for and I just have no passion for finding it. 

[13:56] Design Trend #1: Rugs with fringe 

I am a huge fan of rugs with fringe. If you’re a little bit OCD, rugs with fringe may not be for you but it can add a bit of texture and a fun detail to your otherwise plain rug. 

[19:44] Design Trend #2: Mixing eras 

Another big trend right now is not necessarily mixing styles but mixing eras. For example, mixing mid century modern with contemporary pieces. Once again, this is a trend that I am 150& behind. I have always loved mixing the old with new. 

I love thrift stores, flea markets, auctions, garage sales. I love pieces that have their own history long before they ever met me, maybe even before I was alive. Even though this items are from different eras, they still need to work together seamlessly and go with your two word phrase. 

My two word phrase is fancy mid century modern. So I’m using some authentically mid century modern pieces with the hutch in my dining room that I got off of Cherish with some little accent pieces that I’ve curated along the way and have had with me from the 50s and 60s with an amazing arm chair I got at a flea market. I’ve also got that fancy word which is my feeling word. . I want it to feel fancy and the fancy allows me to bring in actual antiques. I have gilded mirrors, gilded frames, ornately embossed items. I’ve got amazing filigreed bookends, I’m incorporating antiques a lot. 

The other thing that’s been great about this is that since I’m currently having commitment issues with my house, getting these antiques from these auction websites from these garage sales for super cheap makes me feel really good too. 

[23:47] Design Trend #3: Two Tone Lighting 

This is another trend that I can fully get behind. I love pulling in light fixtures that have bronze as well as brass, it allows me to work with both metal tones in the room and light fixtures light themselves up so they draw attention to themselves. 

I love silver and black metal light fixtures. A big orb chandelier that’s both black metal as well as silver can set the stage for the rest of the room so that I can use wrought iron over here and chrome over here and it will all make visual sense.  I am totally embracing this in my own space where I’ve leaned in hard to brass which I’ve never used before in any of my own personal spaces. 

Those are just some of trends I am seeing for 2023. You won’t want to miss part two, which is coming up next week. 

In part two, I’m not only going to be reviewing some trends that I’ve been seeing online, but also those things that I’m currently obsessed with and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with a couple of them because a couple of them break my old design rules. I guess rules were meant to be broken in 2023. 






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