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Affordable Interior Design incorporated the design elements I had in mind and the best part was I didn’t have to spend a fortune!
After recently purchasing my first home, I was thrilled to have the help of Paulina to design my living room and dining room. I was completely overwhelmed by all the furniture and decorating options out there and am woefully awful at sorting through it on my own.

Paulina listened to my ramblings on all the things I liked, wanted and didn’t like and managed to translate that into two beautiful mood boards for my rooms. When I expressed concern over a few elements, they again listened, went back and adjusted to ensure I ended up with a final design that reflected my tastes and resulted in two rooms I love. I’d happily recommend their services.
I am absolutely THRILLED with my design from Affordable Interior Design. I truly could not be happier. Their process worked so well. I had in my mind what sort of design I wanted, but didn’t know what to buy or how to put it all together. I found a bunch of photos on the internet that gave a sense of what I wanted. I then spent 2 hours with one of their designers at my new apartment, and by the end, she knew exactly what the end result would be.

About 10 days later, she emailed me the concept board and list of furnishings. I literally bought every single thing on the list. I loved every single item they selected - and came in at budget! Also, they asked the right questions and listened to my answers - I rarely entertain, but I do workout in my apartment. They incorporated all of that into the furnishings they selected. I cannot recommend this service more. I wish I’d done it earlier. I’m finally living in the apartment I always wanted to live in.
We moved from a 2 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn to a home in suburban New Jersey. I was extremely overwhelmed by how to design it. No problem! Affordable Interior Design saved the day. Allison was fantastic to work with.

She really took the time to look at my space, understand my style and sourced some amazing pieces for our family room and living room. Allison was always available to answer questions and even offer additional suggestions on pieces. I now can’t wait to order all our furniture and finally be excited to call our house a home. Thank you AID and Allison!
I recommend Affordable Interior Design unreservedly, especially to people who (like me) simply don’t know much about apartment design and want courteous guide to get them started. Paulina was friendly and smart, patient with my questions, and just helpful in every way possible.
This was an incredible service and I swear it has changed my life. I never thought of myself as someone who would do well with an interior designer b/c I have such specific taste, but Betsy came into my home and really understood my aesthetic and how I wanted our home to look. She helped rearrange some furniture which opened up space and made a world of difference. She helped me prioritize what I needed to buy and what I should just get rid of. I can’t recommend AID enough!
Affordable Interior Design went far beyond our expectations to create a space that reflects our tastes and what we love.
We needed help transforming our one-bedroom apartment into a space that would not only accommodate two adults but also have room for a nursery. We chose Affordable Interior Design in large part based on the positive reviews we found online, and fortunately those reviews did not lead us astray! We were pretty clueless about how to decorate an apartment — after all, our place had virtually no wall decorations and was mainly furnished with hand-me-downs and lots of furniture from Ikea that had seen better days.

When Allison came to evaluate our apartment she had great ideas for maximizing our space that we wouldn’t have thought of on our own. We were thrilled that she understood the style we were aspiring to, even if it wasn’t evident in our current belongings, and she ended up sourcing several pieces that we love. Some of her suggestions were things we wouldn’t have considered in the past — but when we saw everything put together in the mood board it made sense — and looked fantastic. Allison was always available to answer questions and went above and beyond to make sure that we were happy with the end results, in some cases providing multiple alternatives to her already great suggestions.

We think Allison is incredibly talented and has a great eye for finding items that are beautiful and also within your budget. She really kick-started our apartment redesign process — before we worked with Allison the project had felt completely overwhelming but now it doesn’t. With her blueprint we know we’ll be able to create a cozy home before the baby arrives.
Betsy came over to our apartment and in three hours transformed the space with her ideas. She was also really understanding of our tiny budget. Betsy is extremely talented and professional. It was money well spent!
Thanks to Affordable Interior Design I now have a space that I am proud to call home.
Betsy was an amazing resource when I was setting up my new apartment. She was smart, kind and non-judgmental! She really works to get to know her client (me in this case) so her recommendations are personal to taste, lifestyle, budget, etc. Betsy made recommendations that never would have occurred to me and turned out to be just the right choices! I recommended her to a friend who had a similarly positive experience. Thanks, Betsy!
Affordable Interior Design was fantastic! They listened carefully to my goals and took into consideration my thoughts about possibilities for my apartment, and then improved on them immensely.
Affordable Interior Design worked magic on our apartment!
Working with Kelsey was great! She was efficient, insightful and creative with our space. We immediately like nearly everything she picked out for us. She helped us find alternatives to pieces we wanted to switch and has been very responsive over email. Overall, from start to finish, this was a smooth process and Kelsey really helped us re-do our apartment in a way that really hit our style. We would definitely reach out to her again!
Affordable Interior Design transformed our family room into one of the warmest, most kid-friendly rooms I’ve ever seen.
I didn’t think I could afford an interior designer, but Betsy made it possible. I’m so glad I met her. Now I enjoy my space. I would highly recommend her!
Betsy came in and spent two full hours very energetically going over each inch of space, while providing me with several out-of- the-box ideas which not only maximized my space, but to fit my personality exactly. If you feel design-challenged, Betsy is the woman you WANT charting your design course!
After moving into my new home, I decided that I would enlist the support of an interior designer/decorator to help me in pulling together the decor of my home. Being newer to the area, I opted to conduct my research online to find the right company/firm and voila I stumbled onto Affordable Interior Design.

I was immediately drawn in by the amount of helpful information found on the website. As such, I scheduled some time to visit with the company. After a discussion about the services I chose to move forward and based on my location, the company designated Allison as my designer.

Fast forward a few weeks and Allison met with me at my home. We walked through the survey I completed along with the focus areas of my home. Through this process she kept me grounded about selecting pieces that would be functional for my home without sacrificing appeal. About a week later I met with Allison to walk through a source list that she created from our meeting. This list contained the items that I would purchase to decorate my home and best thing is that she put this list together based on my budget. She also provided me with a mood board to help me visualize the end result. I’ve since then purchased several items and I am in the process of finalizing the decor of my home.

I definitely would recommend the services from Allison at Affordable Interior Design to support anyone in the design/decor of their home. Lastly, I’d like to point out that I found Allison to be customer centric and helpful even after the services were complete. I’ve since sent her a few emails with some clarification questions and she always responds with her insight and advice. That being said, if you are looking for great customer service I’d definitely suggest you seek out Allison’s support for design/décor services.
The experience with Affordable Interior Design was great, and Kelsey Surock in particular was awesome. Here are the 3 main reasons that Affordable Interior Design rocks:

1. The initial customer survey was great and didn’t assume anything about my understanding of design. Yes, there were a few questions that I didn’t understand. But what I loved was the part where they had me select pictures of things I liked and didn’t like and explain why. That seemed to be enough to have them all get an initial idea of what I was like.

2. Kelsey was articulate. When Kelsey was picking things out for me, she explained to me *why* she was picking them out. First, she would say things like, “you should have the couch here for space.”, “Sit here for more light”, etc... then for almost every item she selected for me, she said why she selected it: “This lamp is tall and will match the height of the bed frame for balance”, “this green color is close to your preference and is great for accenting the space here.”, etc.. That was helpful for me to appreciate why she picked what she picked.

3. Kelsey was flexible. When I couldn’t find something, or I wasn’t excited about a particular piece, she replied with an alternative piece, and a reason why she picked it. Almost everything that she picked out, I got. She kept me within my budget and still made my apartment feel comfortable and welcoming. Seriously love these guys. I highly recommend!
I spend so much time looking at interior design magazines, but could never get my home to look just so. I decided I needed professional help, and for a small fee, Betsy gave me a plan to follow. No need to measure windows and figure out curtain rods - Betsy did it all for me and then sourced tons of great, affordable furnishings. I love that I can order the things on my own and go slowly, knowing that once I’m done, everything will go together perfectly. Every time I add something, my apartment looks more and more finished. Highly highly recommended!
I LOVE Affordable Interior Design! I’ve used them already 3 times! The team did such an awesome job creating our dream design. They created an environment that was EXACTLY what I wanted even though I couldn’t even tell you what I wanted to begin with. I really couldn’t put a name to our style, but Betsy and her team made it happen. It’s been a pleasure working with them as they find great items to fit my budget and make my apartment look super stylish! We keep coming back with the changes in our life- when my now husband moved in, when we had a baby and when we moved. With each experience our home becomes more and more beautiful! I would definitely recommend Affordable Interior Design- it’s so much better to have an expert buy your things instead of buying and returning all month long when it doesn’t work out!
Betsy is absolutely an amazing presenter. Her classes contain tons of directional tips such as what to look for and where to buy things. I love Betsy’s fast-paced speech and lovely humor.
Kelsey did an amazing job sourcing and helping us gain clarity over the direction that we want to take our apartment. She is a true talent.
My non-functional space was turned into a free-flowing oasis.
I am so grateful to Kelsey for making my apartment look fabulous. Everything she chose for the space is perfect! I am ecstatic and look forward to entertaining and hearing all the oohs and aahs.
The whole experience was very educational. I used Affordable Interior in my office as well and highly recommend their services.
I consulted Affordable Interior Design since I was in need of design ideas during my move to Jersey City in June 2016. Betsy, the owner, was immediately responsive during my initial contact, and she put me in touch with designer Allison who is an exceptionally talented designer!

Allison was highly knowledgable, creative and energetic while making my design consultation a delight. She sourced several items that met my design tastes while remaining within my overall budget. It’s been a pleasure to connect with Allison, Betsy and Affordable Interior Design, and I highly recommend them for anyone needing amazing design consultation in the Greater New York City Area.
We did the 6 hour consultation, and Emi was fantastic. She helped us work through different furniture layouts in our combination living room/dining room that really maximized the utility of space. We ended up going with a configuration that hadn’t even occurred to us. She was also very helpful when suggesting pieces. She spent a lot of time working with us to understand the style we were looking for, and incorporated that into the choices. We were happy to find that some of the items she selected were things we definitely would not have chosen on our own, but ended up really liking (sconces!). Also when some of the choices were not our favorite, she followed up with alternates. Living room, dining room, and office/guest bedroom all came in under budget. We were very happy overall with the results and would definitely recommend Affordable Interior Design to friends.
— JIM A.
We live in Scarsdale and it was wonderful to have Allison visit. Allison was a rockstar and understood exactly the look I wanted. All of her suggestions were spot-on in style, color, and cost. She was wonderful to talk to and asked the best questions for really figuring out what I needed for each space. The rooms that were styled by them now have that decorator touch without spending too much on the upgrades. Thank you!
No need to measure windows and figure out curtain rods - Betsy did it all for me and then sourced tons of great, affordable furnishings.  I love that I can order the things on my own and go slowly, knowing that once I’m done, everything will go together perfectly. Every time I add something, my apartment looks more and more finished. Highly, highly recommended!
Our meeting with Kelsey was fantastic. We will definitely work with her on the rest of the house. I’ll also be sending you some new clients. Many thanks!
Working with Affordable Interior Design is honestly the best decision I have made since getting my apartment. Whether its a room or in my case EVERY INCH of my place, they are by far the benchmark in professionalism, and total customer service.

I had the opportunity to work with Paulina, an absolute joy from the very start. Smart, creative, with solutions to all my needs. It’s truly refreshing to meet assertive, talented people who can help make our lives easier. Five stars does not do Paulina or Affordable Interior Design justice. Trust me they are the best at helping you create the place you want to come home to.
Betsy is the best. My favorite part is Betsy tells it like it is. Consider this exchange:

Me: “Betsy, where should I put this lantern I bought in Europe?”
Betsy: “I think it would look best in the closet.”
Me: “Oh okay, what should I do with it in there?”
Betsy: “Put it in a box so people don’t see it.”

Highly recommended!
My apartment was in desperate need of a makeover, and Emi Young worked miracles in short order! She quickly understood our needs and budget and was able to quickly source options that I adored but would have never previously considered - or even thought about. Her upbeat energy and ability to really incorporate both my quirky opinions and desperate need for storage (I live in NYC) made the process a dream. Most importantly, however, I’m thrilled with the design for my home!

Emi was efficient, effective, and simply lovely to work with - every interaction was positive and produced amazing results. She was clear about the process and outlined every step - I always knew where we were going and the resulting design fulfilled every hope I had, and more. Thank you, Emi!
I’m so behind on leaving feedback for Affordable Interior Design, and particularly Kelsey Surock. I worked with her almost a year ago, and I can honestly say I am still so happy with the results. From start to finish, it was a completely spectacular experience.

From the get go, Betsy was very helpful coordinating and scheduling with me. I was on a bit of a time crunch, and they totally took that into account and made it work! I had moved into my lovely, albeit sterile, new development-y apartment 5 months earlier. I love pre-war apartments and old finishes, so this was an uphill battle for sure. I was really hoping to make it look and feel more like home - like a personal sanctuary in this crazy, busy city.

I have a pretty specific design aesthetic, but I don’t have the time and patience to source items, and I’m particularly terrible at finding rugs, lamps, and curtains that work with a space. I had most of the main pieces I needed, but I really needed help pulling everything together. And my walls were a very sad, blank slate.

I feel like Kelsey did a good job of understanding my aesthetic. I was very pleased with the items she sourced and her vision for the space. She completely transformed my living room and bedroom walls with interesting artwork and placement. She designed a gallery wall that I just love.

I’d say I purchased about 60% of the items Kelsey suggested, and I’ve been happy with all of them. I’ve gotten so many compliments on how lovely my apartment is, and that’s 100% thanks to AID.

The most important aspect for me was the timing. I was in a rush to get items in place before I had a VIP guest coming to stay (new, long distance boyfriend!), and Kelsey literally moved her schedule around to make it work. I was so grateful!

If you’re hesitating at all, do it. You won’t regret it!
This review is way overdue! We hired Betsy 4 years ago to design our one bedroom apt and she did not disappoint. We didn’t have an idea of how we wanted our apt to look other than we wanted to be functional, wow our friends and not be broke after doing it. After a short questionnaire, Betsy (who has a great sense of humor) walked us through the entire process, told us exactly what to furniture/pieces to get and where to place it to get the look we were looking for all at a budget we were comfortable with. Every person who has come through our apt since has commented on how great our place looked, which shows that great design doesn’t have to be expensive.

We are now moving to a new 2 bedroom apt in the UWS and guess who is designing it?! If you are ready to work with a designer who has the background, vision and experience to make the most out of your living space consider Betsy and Affordable Interior Design.
We love all the things Kelsey sourced. We can’t wait to move into our new home!
High-energy, smart, creative, great taste, hard-working—some of the words I would use to describe Betsy.
We loved working with Paulina. She helped us reimagine our apartment in the first hour that she was there, without making us feel like we had made wrong design choices in the past. She was very flexible in her sourcing, providing us multiple options to fit our specific taste (quirky) and our budget.

Her feedback and comments were very thoughtful, and we felt very comfortable asking her questions and offering suggestions. Her suggestions were respectful and fit our style and budget, but she was also not afraid to shoot down some ideas that were too crazy and that made us trust her.

It’s been 6 weeks since our meeting with Paulina, and we have just started to buy our new furnishings, and we are amazed that she still continues to answer all our questions - small or big. Can’t beat this level of service and care.
Betsy was great to work with and has a truly unbelievable eye.  Her ideas and suggestions have made me fall in love with my home again. We worked with Betsy for 3 hours and I feel like the lessons she taught us will last a lifetime.
Working with Affordable Interior Design was an absolute pleasure! I have a space that feels like home for the first time—
a space that is, at once, comfortable, pet-friendly, and beautiful.
We really want to express how very happy we were with Paulina. The chemistry between us and Paulina was right from the moment she entered and we thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

We are a couple with different tastes and she managed to navigate that so well, making us both very happy with the final product. She went out of her way to think through all possible options and ideas and we managed to find a solution to pretty much everything we had been grappling with. She clearly has great imagination and experience and we didn’t feel like she was imposing anything on us. Rather, she helped us to understand some basic design rules and start from there. We have made great progress with our apartment in a very short time thanks to her and would warmly recommend her to anyone without hesitation.

Overall, our experience with Affordable Design was excellent. They were responsive, helpful, practical, affordable and didn’t disappoint in any regard. We will likely use their services again in the future. And we are thrilled by the fact that there is in fact an interior design company out there that plans according to one’s needs and means!
My husband and I recently worked with Betsy to design the living area and bedroom of our one bedroom rental. We had been living in a studio for a few years and it was time to upgrade. We were wilting to part with most of our existing furniture and wanted to create a space that we looked forward to coming home to and would allow us to host friends and family.

We had started looking online and thought we had some great ideas in mind. After visiting a few furniture stores we realized we were going to overspend on furniture and it would not come together like all the pictures we saw. We came across Affordable Interior Deign and decided to reach out. They got back to us right away and scheduled the onsite visit to work with Betsy. Before the onsite, Betsy gave us a few questions to fill out and asked for a few pictures of ideas we liked to get sense of our style and personality.

During the onsite Betsy came up to our apartment and walked us through several layout options weighing the pros and cons of each. Once we decided collectively on the layout, we talked budget, furniture and measurements. Betsy provided exact measurements where all the furniture and wall hangings should be placed.

After we finished our walkthrough Betsy said she would have our furniture picked out in a week. We scheduled a call with Betsy within the week as promised. During the call Betsy provided us with options for all the furniture items we picked out and going over why she picked each item. The ending result is a living/dining room and bedroom that is comfortable, practical, stylish and a place we love coming home to every day!
— ANA F.