Choose from our a la carte services to customize the perfect plan for your project.

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1-Room Add-On

Want to transform an additional room during or after your 2-Room Makeover home visit? Add a room and get:

  • additional on-site time with your designer

  • a drafted floor plan and mood board

  • click n' buy shopping list of 6-8 items for that room

  • 20-min. design Reveal Call

*You need to have done a 1- or 2-Room Makeover Plan to be eligible for this add-on.


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Designer Time Add-On

After you've worked with us once, you have a designer on call! 

  • Want help styling a bookcase?

  • Need help laying out a gallery wall?

  • Decorating for holiday hosting?

  • Need finishing touches for a room?

  • Wanna go shopping?

Your designer can help you hourly in-person or over the phone whenever you are ready. 



Shopping List Items Add-On

Do you need help finding additional furnishings/accessories?

We can shop for 6-8 additional items for your space.

$175/up to 8 items

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Computer-Drafted Floor Plan or Mood Board Add-On

We create a scale drawing or a mood board collage of a room of your choice.


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Gallery Wall Layout

You’ll get a schematic of exact hanging/spacing instructions for up to 10 pieces.