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1. Have an Awesome Entry
Having a designated entryway will make your guests feel instantly welcomed. Be sure to have a space for them to kick off their shoes and hang up their coat–as if it’s their home, too.

2. The Right Size
This one will be a little bit less obvious to your guests but having the right rug for your room will effortlessly bring comfort and a sense of coziness to your home.

They will feel more at ease if you have the right size rug that hugs all the corners and incorporates their seats. 

3. Set Your Table
While this may scream “Pinterest junkie”, having a special tabletop setting for your gathering makes it memorable. A chic table shows creativity and a great deal of forethought for your guests.

Click here for our latest board full of our favorite tablescape inspiration.

4. Spread the Snacks
Distributing snack trays around your home will impress your guests.  It encourages them to spread out and meet new people, rather than gravitating toward one crowded corner of your kitchen.

5. Fresh Flowers
Adding something alive, like an herb garden, flowers, or a plant, will add a little extra “life” to your living space and make it feel inviting. This is an easy and inexpensive way to impress your friends with your design flair.

6. Style With Purpose
Styling your bookcase or shelves will help your space look magazine-ready. It shows your guests that you’ve chosen your decor with purpose and allows you to make “art” out of your ordinary books and frames.

For innovative and easy ideas for styling your surfaces, check out our podcast Episode 47: Styling Surfaces here

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