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1. You haven’t made a commitment. Like you would in a partner, you see good and bad in your new space. But in order to feel settled, you need to commit. Set a budget for what you want to spend, and think about how much you want to invest in that commitment. If you can take off work for a week or so to brainstorm with your new partner, even better!

2. Burn dried sage. In every nook and cranny of your new space, walk around with burning, dried sage and set your intention for the space. It may seem a little airy fairy, but it allows you to welcome the space into your life and for the space to welcome you as well. 

3. Say no to hand-me-downs. Stop taking other people’s crap. While it may be enticing, it comes with a distinct stigma of being someone else’s throw-away. I know that moving is hard on the checkbook, but as tempting as it may be do not take other people’s crap just to save a few bucks. If grandma’s trunk is not going to serve you in the right way as a coffee table, just wait for the right thing or get something affordable. 

4. You have too much stuff. In other places around the country, you are allowed to have a lot of stuff. But in NYC, if you have just a few extra books or out-of-season clothes stuffed in your closet, you’re a hoarder! You have to be brutal when determining what to keep, because if you don’t then you’ll end up overburdening your new partner that is your apartment/home. If you pick up something and it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it. 

5. You’re not on the same page. If you and the other people in your home are not on the same page, your home will not feel like a restful and intentional place. It’s very important to tackle issues that divide you before you get into the space so that you can have a very focused, common goal. Whether it’s your romantic partner or your kids, the conversation simply must happen. 

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